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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Why I Blog–Story of a Blogger?



For weeks now, I have been pondering this question “Why Do I Blog”? I started to make a list, but I am terrible in making lists, so I just said to myself, “Self, just write from your heart and head”. If you have read anything I have written, you know I have this thing (or littler person) that runs around in my head and sings songs from out of no-where or just talks to me. I guess it is better than talking to myself, thou I do that sometimes too.

Now I do not want this to be a long post, because I know you have others blogs to read or getting that next quilting project done, so this might be a two part post, and maybe you might be saying, I do not feel like ready all this stuff. It’s alright; I am just in a pondering mood tonight.

So let me get started. I got the blogging bug just a year ago. Two of my Guild/Bee friends Linda -eat, sleep and quilt and Yetunde-Sistah Stitch A lot had started up blogs and I would visit them and read what they were doing. Then I started visiting other blogs from their side bars, reading what others were talking about their quilts or other projects. Since I was the newsletter reporter for my Bee and writing up quilting type stories like “All About The Scant Quarter Inch” and other quilting stories, I thought I would try my hand on blogging. It took me awhile to get the hang of the blogging world, how to set up a blog; joining hops; linking up (still trying to figure that out); leaving comments and blog etiquette. Then how do you get people to even take notice of you and want to come back and visit you again, and again, and again, the followers.

Ah, what can I say, I was hooked. I give all of you a standing novation. Thank you to those of you who have given tutorials, giveaways, free patterns, and new ideas on doing quilting things. Thank you (name dropping here) to Madame Samm (Sew We Quilt); Just Carol (Just Let Me Quilt) for cheering us on to the most inventive blog hops, Jenelle of Echinops and Aster for her “Tech Help” blog tutorials, just a few names from the top of my head (too lazy to look through all the blogs that I follow), but you know who you are for your linky parties so that other blogs can me recognized and bring up their following list.

There is nothing so exciting then people you have never met to feel like your closes friends. The shared interest, the sad time, the happy times, the accomplishments you feel when you look on the your side bar as see that you have gained more followers, or when you receive such a glowing comment about your writing or your latest quilt project.

I can go on and on, but it already looks like this is getting too long and still don’t think I have even really told you “Why I Blog”. May be I should make that list to get my thoughts together and get back to it another time. While I working out my thoughts, why don’t you leave me a comment on why you blog, and I will use it in my next blog.

Crazy, right, I’m starting to repeat myself and even I don’t feel like reading over what I have written.

So until I blog again

The Confused – Don’t Know What The Hell I Writing

The Slow Quilter – (Felicia Few)


  1. I love your style of blogging. I started blogging to have a journal of my quilting - I have my yr. printed out, thus I don't have to do that whole 'keep a written/photo journal' - it get's done for me. And I love the blog hops, the tutorials, the challenges, and quilt alongs.

  2. Just today I was asking myself this very question. Original I was posting my blocks for a cousin to see and I don't think she ever looks....giggle. Then I met some really nice friends who I so love chatting with...then I got hooked on trying to win giveaways....and I DID! Soon I was spending all my time entering and not sewing. I've cut way back on giveaways. Then I got hooked on the hops. Who doesn't want to see everyone elses eye candy, but there are so many so close together I couldn't keep up. Then of course there are the SALs and QALs....phew....I just keep starting new things and never finishing. I'm determined to sew and visit my friends, but I'm cutting back on the hops and giveaways. There are just not enough hours in 'my' day. A few of my friends have already burned out and stopped blogging and I miss them. I guess the reasons for blogging or different for us all.

  3. Good post, Feesha! I started blogging because I saw so many other blogs that I enjoyed reading and I liked looking at their "stuff" so much I wanted to show my stuff too! Then I thought if I was committed to a blog, I'd get more of my own stuff finished because I'd have to post updates - NOT! Basically I think I blog now because I like sharing little parts of my life, whether it's quilt-related or the cheese grits I had for breffus.

  4. I agree. I started blogging because I enjoyed reading the other's blogs and soaking up all of the creativity. Also, it became easier to give out my blog address, when folks want to know what I am working on. However, I find that while I want to join every blog hop and giveaway in blog land, that I have to be very selective. If I spend too much time doing those activities, I can't find the time to create the quilts that are swimming around in my head (and there are quite a few). So like Facebook, twitter and the other social media outlets, blogland is a great eater upper of your time, but you have to figure out how to control it.

  5. Hi Felicia. I don't have a blog for two reasons-#1. I am just learning how to use a computer and this stuff is way over my head.-#2. I don't get enough stuff done in a MONTH to write about. But I so enjoy reading blogs and seeing what everyone else is making. i love reading about their lives, And I feel like I am talking to family when I leave a comment.I am an elderly person with no one to talk to during the day so the blogs have become so important to me. I really appreciate all of you.Thanks for making me laugh.

  6. For me it's a way of connecting and learning from others. There are soooo many talented people out there (like you) that need to get their work out for everyone to admired and inspire.

  7. I started blogging as a way to keep a journal of the quilts I make and happenings in my life. I started quilting about two years ago, but started blogging in May 2012. I love reading other bloggers posts, and follow a lot of bloggers. I don't always get to read them all,or comment, but I see one that catches my eye and there I go on the blog reading trail. I have gained many new friends from blogging and making new ones everyday that I wouldn't have ever met if not for quilting and blogging.

  8. I followed several blogs before ever starting my own. Mostly I want to celebrate "finishing" things--whether it's finally finishing a full-size quilt project, or hemming those pants that have been in the mending pile for too long, or cleaning out the dresser in the family room that had become just one oversize junk drawer. So I get to have my little celebrations just for me. I also want to keep track of great ideas that come my way, even if I'm not ready to act on them just now.
    If I ever get more followers, that will just be a bonus.
    P.S. I look forward to visiting you again during Nancy Drew (haven't figured out how to get the button on my blog yet)!