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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Photoshop for Hell- Nancy Drew Blog Hop Coming Soon


Would you believe that I have been on my computer since I got home from work, trying to workout a problem with Photoshop.  There is nothing wrong with the program, it is just me.  I am getting ready for my next blog hop and I want to do something different with the pictures I take.  In order for me to work this out, I might have to read the hold darn book on working with Photoshop tools and layers and what ever else I will need.  OMG, I need hands on tutorials, the ones on line gives me nothing.  This is one thing I cannot work on at work and must do from home.  If I don’t figure this out by the weekend, I plan to give it up and just show my plain old photos.  Do you know I still have not played with the new sewing machine.  Guess I get to use it this weekend if nothing major happens.

As you know my mother is still in therapy and I have been trying to make sure my father has something to eat.  Today he asked if I could come down to the house to show him how to wash clothes.  Yah, right I think he want me to do his laundry.  I told my daughter to go down there to show him. 

Nancy DREW is a clue

The Nancy Drew Blog Hop will be starting next week (March 6-15th) and it is sure to be one Mystery after another. The young teenage sleuth will be solving all kinds of mysteries around the blog (wish she could solve my Photoshop problem).  Sew, the list of assistant sleuths will be posted soon, I need to check for my day.  So keep your eyes open and solve the mysteries with the Nancy Drew bloggers.

Somewhere In Photoshop Land I will prevail.

The Slow Quilter (Felicia)


  1. Oh I soooo feel your pain. I get something once, and then doen't use it for awhile, and can't figure it out again. Things just shouldn't be that hard! If you find any great tutorials, let me know! :-)

  2. You will get it figured out. You are good like that. As to Nancy Drew, I can hardly wait to see what has been done with her.(I am just a looker,not a do-er)