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Friday, February 28, 2014

Bus Trip–Mid-Atlantic Quilt Fest



Yes, I am off on a bus trip to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Fest in Hampton, VA tomorrow (Saturday).  This is my guilds symbol for UHURU.  So if you plan (for those who are near) to attend the Quilt Festival, drop me a comment to let me know that you will  be there, would love to meet you.

I am look through my stash to see if I need to pick up any fabric (witch I don’t), but looking out for new gadgets to add to my supply of them to make my quilting easier and to let you know what is new in the quilting world.  

If I have time tonight, I might embroider The Slow Quilter on the back of my sweat jacket so you know who I am.

Hope to see you there.

The Slow Quilter (Felicia)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

In The Mail–The Flying Tooth Story

Made it to the post office to mail out the B-Day Giveaway to LizA, sent it out Priority Mail and she should get it by Monday.  Hope you like the extra surprise I added to the box.


These lovely Kona solids were in my mail today from Sew-Sisters Quilt Shop were I am in the Kona Club building up my solid stash of half yard fabrics.  I can see a Modern Quilt in my future, along with other things.



I had a dental appointment today.  I have been having some on again off again tooth pain.  It seem that the tooth will have to go, although he did suggest a root canal, but in the pass usually when you have a root canal the tooth ends up having to come out.  This also brought up a tooth story that I hope will have you falling on the floor laughing.

Some time back, way back, I had a cap on my front tooth.  Something I bit into loosen the tooth and it came out.  I did not have the time to go to the dentist, so I just brought some dental cream and stuck it back in.  Well it really did not work.  On the way to work, I was on the bus and so happy I think I sneezed, when I felt that the tooth was not in my mouth, I looked around to see where it had gone.  I look in the sit next to me and it was sitting right there (like it paid for the ride).


When I got to work I cleaned it off added some more dental cream and went on about my work.  I was at a co-workers desk talking and bust out laughing and the tooth flew from my mouth and landed on her desk.  Now that was too funny even for me and very embarrassing.  Next time, I was on the elevator and sneezed again, the tooth was gone and this time landed on my breast (that God they are big).  When I got back to the office I called to make a dental appoint for the next day.  I was afraid I would put some ones eye out the next time the tooth decided to take a flying leap from my mouth.

Well that was my toothy story for the day.  Happy Quilting

The Slow Quilter (Felicia)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Winner Is…………..


Yimagees, I have picked a winner for the Birthday Giveaway, she is number 15 on the comment line LizA and she said:

LizA.February 21, 2014

Congratulations on the new toilet -- isn't that little extra height wonderful? It's so much easier on the knees. We replaced one of our toilets at our old house with the taller one and liked it so much that we put all tall ones in our new home that we built last year. It's amazing how quickly you get used to the extra height and when you have to use a shorter one it feels like you're falling in.
Hope you have a very happy birthday -- if I'm lucky enough to win, I would use the jelly roll to make a quilt for Project Linus. -- P.S. Linda sent me to your blog.

I also like to thank Linda (Eat Sleep Quilt) for directing her to my blog.  Hey LizA if you have a blog and I am not following, please send me your blog address.

Update on head cold:  I still have it, and also Tom has it, so we had to go out and buy boxes of tissues so we would not use up the bathroom tissues.  What every I took last night put be to sleep fast and I did not get to watch any of my t.v. shows, like Black List, so glad that I taped it along with some other shows. I did go to work, but left early.  Still not up to doing any sewing, but hope by Thursday, I will get back to the signature quilt and finish it up.

So until tomorrow dear readers.

The Slow Quilter

Monday, February 24, 2014

B-Day Give-A-Way “What Was I Thinking”

What in the world was I think about making you wait until Feb. 28th to get your hands on this Jelly Roll?


Look at it sitting in the box, just waiting to be shipped off to some lucking winner, all alone.  Well I plan on doing something about this right now.  I am going to let old Random Generator pick someone tomorrow night (Tuesday, Feb. 25) so that I will be able to mail it out, by Wednesday or Thursday.  That’s right, you might get it by the weekend.  I am also thinking about adding something to the box, not sure what yet, but the lucky winner will be surprised and she can share it on her blog when she get it.  So if you have not comment on the Birth Day Giveaway, then you have one more day.

Update on the “Walking Toilet”:  Since my last blog (4 days ago), the walking toilet was feeling might lonely on the the back porch so I guess he called in some friends.


Mr. air-conditioner and you can't see him, but Mr. T.V. is out there with them.  Lucky for me they did not stay too long they seem to make it to the fence.  Mr. air-conditioner seem to have left his buddies alone to go home with someone.  He is such a slut, and will spit on you when his turned on.  I am sure Mr. TV will follow soon, but his picture is all green and so are the people his turned on to.  The Walking Toilet will be all alone again, and soon the trash man will take him to his new home.  Bye, bye Walking Toilet, it was nice sitting on you.

For those of you who were glad I did not take pictures of  number I & II, I was not taking about that.  I was talking about the flushing mechanism on the new toilet.

SAM_3003 This is the new toilet and the flushing mechanism is on top.  I plan on have my thrown glazed, not sure what color, maybe Gold.  I am the Queen of the house, but I do not what the so called King to get any ideas.  He might just go in there with gold paint.


And as you can see it has a flushing button for I and II.  Hope the helped.




It seems like I am coming down with a head cold and plan to turn in early. 

Have a great sewing day

The Slow Quilter (Felicia)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Birthday Give A-Way & The Walking Toilet


I am having a Birthday Give A-way.  My birthday is coming up on February 23, and I thought to myself “self, why not have a give a-way to celebrate it to your blogging friends” (if you read my post last night or today you would have know this was coming).


So as you can see from above I am giving a way this Moda Sweet Serenade Jelly Roll.  How would you like to get you hands on that.  You will not have to jump through hoops for this great jelly roll give away.  Just leave a comment on this post on what you plan to make with it.  Not really, who can know before they get it what they will make with it.  I know I didn’t when I brought it.  Just leave a comment that you want it.  I will let the Random Generator do its thing to pick the winner.  You have until Feb. 28th midnight and I will let you know by e-mail.  I will mail it anywhere.

Now the story of the walking toilet.


O.K. it did not really walk (I just thought it was a great title to use).  This picture is not the new toilet.  As most of my readers know I had knee surgery early last year.  I still have problems with it and trying to get up from the toilet was one of them.  So, about 6 month ago Tom and I went out an brought a tall 17” toilet.  It set at the front door for about 2 or 3 weeks, then made it way upstairs to one of the back bedrooms.  Tom was going to put it in.  I said I would call a plumber, but you know how men can be, they like to do it themselves.  So as the months went by, I said nothing other then “I see the toilet is still setting in the back room, you don’t thing any body will use it do you.”  I guess in finally got tired of my asking about when he was going to put it in (it already been 6 months).

Well he called me at work last week to let me know that he watch a YouTube video on how to install the toilet, and how easy it would be.  That was around 9:00 am.  When I got home and went upstairs, what did I see but the old toilet setting in the bedroom?????  The new toilet still in the box????  Thank God, I did not have to use it right away.  (We do have one in the basement).  Seem he had some running around to do (Oh why do we let the men in our lives, work us so hard???, should have called the plumber.)  I only had to make one run to the basement.  He did get the new one in that night.

The old toilet that was sitting in the bedroom was move to the hall and set there for 2 days.  When I got home from work it seem to make its way downstairs by the the staircase (wish I had taken pictures) covered up.  Sat there for a week, now it is sitting on the back porch.  The snow storm we had last week prevent it from making it to the back fence for pick-up.  Snow has cleared, now we see how long it will take it to walk to the fence to be picked up.

I have to say, that now I have the best sit in the house and it has two flush modes for I and II (no pictures).

So I’ll be flushing on along, need to work on my quilt.  Don’t forget the give a way.

The Slow Quilter (with the even slower husband) Felicia.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

TAP, Photo Fabric & Steam-a-Seam II



Just getting home from work, and thought I better post my blog before I get too in gross in my sewing late into the night.  This what I have been working on during D.C.’s snow storm.  It is a signature quilt with pictures.


The pictures were given me some problems.  I know you all have heard of TAP (Transfer Artist Paper) by Lesley Riley, this is a great product for transferring photos to fabric and I have used it before in the pass when doing photo quilt.  This time it was given me more problems then I care to even talk about.


As you can see from these photos, that my pictures were not transferring quite well.  No matter how long, how hot the iron was and how hard I pressed, things were not transferring well.  It must be a bad batch I got.  I like TAP because the pictures last long and do not fad out no matter how often you wash the fabric. 


I had to use the old standby, Photo Fabric by Crafter’s Images, the one that come in a roll.  It is good and the picture came out vibrant, but I know that they will fade in time.


Not sure if you hear that the manufacture of Steam-A-Seam (The Warm Company) had some problems with there product and you have not seen it on the selves lately, put they should be in production soon. You can read about it here they have been sending out updates (http://warmcompany.com/sas-update.html).   I know my quilting friend Yetude (sistah stitch a lot) was crying about not able to find any, since she use it to make her portrait quilts.    Here is one of her portrait quilts.


She loves the Steam-A-Seam II to work on her projects because of the fabric will stick with out having to iron it down and she can get a better feel with it.  It is not stiff.



SAM_2993In my search for a product similar to the Steam-A-Seam I found that Pellon has a product EZ-Steam II that I hope will work like the original Steam-A Seam  II.  I plan on give her a pack of mine since I brought 3 to see if this works for her until The Warm Company brings out the new SAS.

Well, I need to go and take a shower and head back down stairs to work on the quilt.  Once I put it together, I might need your help on boarder color, since it has a scrappy look to it, not sure if I want white or black or some other color.

Also I have a birthday coming up on Feb. 23rd,  (I’ll have to ask the kids how old I will be, I keep forgetting) and I will have a give-a-way soon as I find it I let you know what it is tomorrow.  So keep on reading.

Happy Quilting

The Slow Quilter (Felicia)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day–Sewing News


It has been a long day, since we had liberal leave or telework today, I decided to telework from home.  That means online at work, doing work, with little time for anything until you sign off.


I was able to after signing off from work to cook up dinner and lay out this quilt.  I only have the bottom two rows sew only 3 more to go, but not tonight.



I have already had to rip open a seam because the seams did not line up right.  You might not can see this very well, but the triangle in the middle seam is just a little off.  It should not make a difference, but I see it so I will have to rip it out and line it up.  Since I am a little tired, I will do it tomorrow.

I only received a few comments on my blog from yesterday, and I thank you for commenting.  I hope I have not lost my followers for not blogging in awhile and pick up some comments.  But again I understand.  I have been reading other blogs and don’t leave comments that often.

Well, I hope all the ladies out there got a card, flowers, or candy from there Sweet Hart or even the kids.  I got a lovely card from Tom, but I did not have the time to get him one.  He spent most of the day at the hospital.  He smashed his finger in the door last week and this morning it was looking pretty bad, so he went to see about it.

I’m going to scoop me up some ice cream and hit the bed and watch a move with Tom.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day.

The Slow Quilter (Felicia)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow, Sew & Post



To day in D.C. we got 11 inches of snow, Yah!!! Government closed, I get to stay home a get some sewing done for a change.  Tom and Darnell got out and shoveled walk way.  We are looking for more snow later tonight, might have to telework tomorrow.

Have you missed me?  I have missed all of you.  I have been reading your blogs, some I have left comments some not.  But I am trying to keep up with everyone.  It has been a couple of hard months of not blogging but just getting home from the cold weather and falling into bed.  It is really cold in my sewing room if Tom does not go in early and warm it up with the heater.  By the time it gets heated, I’m upstairs and don’t want to come down.  I’m not sleeping I have pulled out the crochet needle and watch videos on YouTube to reteach myself to crochet again and what I have been crocheting is infinity scarfs.


I love using bulky yard in making these scarfs and they are warm for the weather we are having.  I even made a hat for one of them, but as you can see you can pull the scarf over your head.


In my last blog I said that I would be working on unfinished projects, so I have pulled out the signature blocks and put them together,  now I just need to get the blocks sewed.


There are about 15 blocks measuring 12 x 12.  This quilt was from a Women’s retreat from church, which should have been done and complete 2 years ago.  Sad smileYah, I really am behind.  I hoping to get it finish before the end of February, hopefully by this week.  We will see.  I’m off from work until Wednesday, so I have plenty of time to put this together, right?  I am a strong believer of “Murphy’s Law”.   "Anything that can go wrong, will".  Sewing machine problems, having to make runs around the city, just anything.  But I will not own it until it happens.

So this is my plans during our winter storm, what are you doing?

Happy Quilting

The Slow Quilter (Felicia)