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Friday, September 28, 2012

Traveling Stash Box On Its Way


traveling stash button

Well, the Traveling Stash Box is on it way to Corona, CA to Cherise of Sewingly Along.  I took the box to work since the post office is right next door and it would be easy to send off.  I almost had a heart attack, when I could not find her address in my e-mails, put then I did.


As you can see I repacked the box and added one of my Turtle Guards to make sure it will get to her very safely.  I almost forgot to add the instruction sheet.  Thank you Turtle Guard for reminding me.

To get updates on were the Travel Stash Boxes are and where you can get a chance to receive it just click on the logo on my side bar.

It was a bad house at work today, trying to spend the governments money before the end of the fiscal year.  I got home late and I am to tired to even eat, so I am going to hit the bed and think of all the quilts I want to make.

Sweet Quilter Dreams

The Slow Quilter

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sashing Of No Sashing That Is The Question???? HELP!!

As I posted early this week I am working on a T-shirt quilt for my aunt.  This is my first T-shirt quilt I have ever made.  I got the stabilizer on and cut the squares 12-1/2”.


 After laying out the quilt, as you can see Louie had to have his say on what should go were.  There are 12 squares with 3 across and 4 rows down.

I called my aunt to see if she might have any more T-shrifts so I can change the layout to 4 across and 4 down, but she is out of town right now, so I guess I will start on another project until she returns.

What I did help with is should I put sashing in between the blocks or just stitch it with out sashing and just boarder it?  Please leave a comment and let me know.

Thank you for your help.

The Slow Quilter

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Color Theory Moment or Duhhhhh!!!!!

This is a quick post, because I am still at work.  Need to get this out before I forget, been having some memory problems lately.  No., no, it is nothing serious, just the usual everyday kind of memory lost we get as we get older.
I have never been good at color theory; I have always stayed safe in my quilting with using natural colors (black, white, beige) which goes with anything.  Thou I do have color in my quilts, I find myself always playing it safe.  I was just in the hall at work and saw a young lady dress in this pink and brown outfit, and for some reason, color theory popped in my head, it was like having a duh (stupide) moment when color seem to hit me in the face.    Then I started looking at everything around me and realized here is my palette, the things around me.
I guess you are all wondering; “What is she talking about”?  “She should have known this long before now”.  I knew it, but like mist in the morning dew dissipate, so dose my thoughts.  Deep huh,  or maybe not deep enough.
Well the song playing around in my head at this moment is “I’m Coming Out”, I want the world to know that color is coming in bold bright color in my quilts.  I’m going to shout it to the highest hills, even tell the little color wheel (sorry Doris Day) I get like this at work at lot sing songs that pop in my head; So now my lifes and open door, and the Slow Quilter is not slow anymore.

Blog with you later, going home to work on that T-shirt quilt.

The Slow Quilter

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

T-Shirt Quilt

The other day while I was looking at the pile of fabric and other stuff on and under my cutting table, I said to myself, “self you need to get things in order, clean off the cutting table so you can use it instead of the dinning room table.”  Well, that never happen, put I did pull a bag from under the cutting table with T-shirts my aunt gave me over a month ago to make a quilt.

There were about 11 T-shirts, so I got to cutting them up (nice pile of cleaning rags), one at least had something on the back so I came out with 12 (good number, 3 across 4 down or 4 across 3 down).


I also cut the stabilizer so I can iron it on the back.  I plan to cut them 12-1/2 square, put I see that at least 2 will be cut 12-1/2 by something longer.  Not to much of a problem since I had at least 3 shirt with smaller pieces I can add in one, (Hmm, math, damn, I really have to get out the ruler for this).

At least I got things in motion so that when I get home form work I can iron on the stabilizer and square it up to 12-1/2.  I also have to decide if I will add sashing of not and what color I will use.  If I have a hard time deciding I will let you choose for me.

It is after 11:00 pm, watching the news and I see it will be getting a little shower through the day, so I need to find something rain proof, with chill in the air but a little warm my noon.  Great, now I have to look through my limited wardrobe to find something to warm but not to warm to wear.

Well it is not your problem, it is mind.  So until tomorrow night, we will see how far I have gotten. 

The Slow Quilter

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Burning Question - Press Seams Open or To The Side???

Last night, I got an e-mail from my quilting partner, Bee/Guild member Charlene Marshall.  She is our resident Internet surfer.  She surfs through the Internet like a surfer through water; finding the most interesting sites to visit, or information on any type of quilting technique and what is happening in the quilting world.   

She has requesting that I send this question out to all my blog followers on the burning question:  “What is your preferred method of pressing seams, open or to the side?”

This was a most interesting question to me, since I started quilting I have always pressed my steam to the side because I was told that is how it was done.  And only one time, have I ever pressed my seams open because the instructions told me to.  After reading this article (sent by Charlene)   Press your quilt seams open by Mabry Benson  I think I will start pressing my seams open on some projects.

Please take a look at the article by Mabry Benson and also see this video below:
Making a Perfect Block-- Every time - YouTube .  Please send me your preferred method and why.

You know this is a early post from me.  I am still at work and wanted to get this out now since I have a church meeting tonight and if I have the time I want to get a little sewing in before hitting that lovely soft bed or minds.

So pressed with out you
The Slow Quilter

Sunday, September 23, 2012

And The Winner IS????


traveling stash button

You know, I almost forgot to post this.  It was a long day at church, then I had to run to the store for my mom, and just can in a crashed for a little bit.  After cooking dinner late, I remembered I need to find the winner for the Traveling Stash Box.  I when over to Mr. Random Generator and put in my numbers and it picked #2.

Cherise of Sewingly Along and this is what she said:

clip_image001CheriseSeptember 18, 2012

I would love to have this box come visit me! :) Please include me in the drawing. Have a wonderful day! :)

I did go visit her and she also had a Traveling Stash Box.  What wonderful things she had in hers, and I left a comment saying:  “It would be funny if we won each others, box”.  Well I might not have won hers, but she has won mine.

Congratulations Cherise, I will be sending out the box by Saturday.


The Slow Quilter

Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Day At The Bee

It is always a good day the hang out with the girls of Wee Bee Quilters.  We talk about what we are working on, we have show-n-tell and upcoming projects, and as always there is food.  Here are some pictures of our Show-n-Tell and service quilts.


Above is Yetudie of Sistah Stitch A lot (who has not blogged in awhile), showing her quilt journal that some of the members will be attempting to do.  The quilt journal is trying to do quilt/crafting techniques that you have never tried before and writing about the process.  I think this will make a great hop.

Below, is a jacket made by Shirley Royal, one of our Alumni, who is up from Durham, NC.  She made this jacket while on a quilting cruse last December, with Rachel Clark.  Nice bead work on the sleeve and inside.  It is always great to see her when she is in town.  She is now a member of the African American Quilt Circle of Durham (I think I am right), but she will always be a Wee Bee Quilter.


Below are other show-n-tell.  Hey see my turtles.  Some of these quilt will be given to St Ann’s, one of charity project.


I thought once I got home I would do a little sewing, put found Tom in is cleaning and rearranging mode.  And let me tell you, when you can get a man to clean, you just let him do his thing, because I sure am not going to do it.  I don’t have time, I need to quilt.  I mess up, he cleans up.  I think he is even washing clothes.  What a man, he makes a good wife.

Thank you for stopping by.

The Slow Quilter

Friday, September 21, 2012

Recap of Dots on Dots and Traveling Stash Box

dotsondotsbuttonCorrieI was so surprise that when I checked to make sure that by dots to dots blog hop was on my blog that I had already received 45 comment by 10:00 in the morning.  I could not resist, but to read them and also reply to some.  I like to thank you all for stopping by and leaving a comment.  So many of you asked were I got the pattern from, and even more never even seen a drunkard’s path turtle.  Well again I got the idea form the Quiltmaker magazine Sept/Oct 04 No. 99, and this is the original layout for it.
I do plan to finish my mini turtles and lay them out like this.  I will also have a short tutorial on using the drunkards path template.  Hope you will like it.
Don’t forget to click on the dots to dots button on my side bar to see todays participants.
traveling stash button
Now most of you know that I have one of the Traveling Stash boxes, and you have a chance to win it and pass it on.  I only got 8 responses, and I know those responses are waiting to get there hands on the box.  Although I need not take much from it and added a little more, I am sweeting up the box with a little more bright colors.

I will be adding a yard of this most colorful fabric to the box.  Yes, a whole yard.  I have not used this in any projects, I thought to make a bag with it, put I could spear a yard of this.  As I go through my stash, I might even find something else just as colorful.  So if you want the box, you have until Sunday, Sept. 23 to add your comment on that post (not this one).
Sew Quilt On Bloggers, Quilt On
The Slow Quilter

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dots On Dots–Come Dot With Me.

dotsondotsbuttonCorrie A dot, dot here and a dot, dot there, here a dot, there a dot, everywhere a dot, dot.  I sing the song of dots and the praises of all the dot hoppers that have participated in this doting blog hope.

I like to give a big dotting high five to Madame Samm (Sew We Quilt) and Corrie of Quilt Taffy who are hosting this most dotting blog hop.

I love blog hopping, you get to meet new bloggers, check out their work, get inspired and just have a lot of fun.  Don’t forget all the great give a ways that also follow. 

Now my story of dots,  I have been stressing about what block I wanted to do.  When hopping I do not like to do blocks that I am use to doing, I like to challenge myself.  This is also an opportune time to do a block that I have been wanting to do.
Here are some dot items I did early before the hop and a finish bag.
That is my Profession Tote, please don’t look at the mess in side the bag, it is well used.  Put you can see I have been dotting along.

Now for what I did.  As you know I am not call the Slow Quilter for nothing, ideas for projects will pop into my head at the last minute, like days before the project is due.  May be I should be call the Last Minute Quilter.  So what did I decide to do?  Well Me Of Course.

Well o.k. not me, but my symbol, my totem, my talisman, THE TURTEL.

After making these two little babies, I wanted to go bigger:
  this is big boy, 16x16.


Here are his friends.  Sorry that the picture is not too clear, put they are dots.  There was no one home to hold it up.  This was my chance to use the drunkards path block.
Hope you like my turtles.  And please stop by to see the other blog hoppers.  It has been extended to Sept. 21st.
September 20th
The Slow Quilter