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Friday, September 21, 2012

Recap of Dots on Dots and Traveling Stash Box

dotsondotsbuttonCorrieI was so surprise that when I checked to make sure that by dots to dots blog hop was on my blog that I had already received 45 comment by 10:00 in the morning.  I could not resist, but to read them and also reply to some.  I like to thank you all for stopping by and leaving a comment.  So many of you asked were I got the pattern from, and even more never even seen a drunkard’s path turtle.  Well again I got the idea form the Quiltmaker magazine Sept/Oct 04 No. 99, and this is the original layout for it.
I do plan to finish my mini turtles and lay them out like this.  I will also have a short tutorial on using the drunkards path template.  Hope you will like it.
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traveling stash button
Now most of you know that I have one of the Traveling Stash boxes, and you have a chance to win it and pass it on.  I only got 8 responses, and I know those responses are waiting to get there hands on the box.  Although I need not take much from it and added a little more, I am sweeting up the box with a little more bright colors.

I will be adding a yard of this most colorful fabric to the box.  Yes, a whole yard.  I have not used this in any projects, I thought to make a bag with it, put I could spear a yard of this.  As I go through my stash, I might even find something else just as colorful.  So if you want the box, you have until Sunday, Sept. 23 to add your comment on that post (not this one).
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  1. Love the Drunkards Path turtles! Look forward to the tutorial!