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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

T-Shirt Quilt

The other day while I was looking at the pile of fabric and other stuff on and under my cutting table, I said to myself, “self you need to get things in order, clean off the cutting table so you can use it instead of the dinning room table.”  Well, that never happen, put I did pull a bag from under the cutting table with T-shirts my aunt gave me over a month ago to make a quilt.

There were about 11 T-shirts, so I got to cutting them up (nice pile of cleaning rags), one at least had something on the back so I came out with 12 (good number, 3 across 4 down or 4 across 3 down).


I also cut the stabilizer so I can iron it on the back.  I plan to cut them 12-1/2 square, put I see that at least 2 will be cut 12-1/2 by something longer.  Not to much of a problem since I had at least 3 shirt with smaller pieces I can add in one, (Hmm, math, damn, I really have to get out the ruler for this).

At least I got things in motion so that when I get home form work I can iron on the stabilizer and square it up to 12-1/2.  I also have to decide if I will add sashing of not and what color I will use.  If I have a hard time deciding I will let you choose for me.

It is after 11:00 pm, watching the news and I see it will be getting a little shower through the day, so I need to find something rain proof, with chill in the air but a little warm my noon.  Great, now I have to look through my limited wardrobe to find something to warm but not to warm to wear.

Well it is not your problem, it is mind.  So until tomorrow night, we will see how far I have gotten. 

The Slow Quilter

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  1. I made a t-shirt quilt for hubby. Just a big 12-1/2 solid patch. No sashing. The hardest part was getting it all together. Wasn't used to the fabric all stretchy and stuff (even with the interfacing).

    Stay warm! I'm wearing my winter lounging clothes today and fuzzy socks. Woke up cold this morning.