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Monday, January 23, 2012

What is a "Flimsy"????

Before I start this blog, I just like to thank those of you who commented on my  "Rules of Quilting".  The Rules of Quilting came from a joke web site http://quiltvisionusa.com/Jokes, I did not make them up on my own (wish I had).

So, I was finishing the binding on my quilt Saturday, and did not post anything, hope this will make up for my laps.   All outside activities were cancelled yesterday (Saturday) no UHURU Guild meeting and no church meeting because of the freezing rain and snow, so I got to stay in bed and but that binding on in-between watching my grandson, and falling to sleep.  I made several calls to see what some of my quilting friends were working on (I think I have friends that don't quilt?).  I was talking to my Bee/Guild member Linda from Eat, Sleep, Quilt, I was telling her about my UFOs (UFQs) that I have to do, and she said that the quilts I had were "flimsies".  I have never heard this quilt term before.  I called a couple of other quilt friends, and they never heard of this word "Flimsy" either.  So I did a search and found out that this term meaning "an un-quilted top" has been out for about a year or two.  Well, this just lets me know that you will always have something to learn in the quilting world, if it's not a new technique, it is a new quilting term. SO ALL YOU LONG-TIME AND SHORT-TIME QUILTERS, add "FLIMSY" to your quilting vocabulary.
This is Wickedly Easy B&W Queen size "FLIMSY" which I am hopping
to send out to have quilted and it will not be a flimsy any more.
This is another Flimsy, a Jelly Roll quilt race that I finished in 1 hr. or less
Hopefully, I will hit the lottery and be able to get this one quilted also
This is a true UFO, and I will let
you know more about what is in this
pack tomorrow.

This is my finished "UFQ"  (it was never a flimsy, since it was quilted, but never finished) Wickedly Easy Flannel baby size quilt- One down and ???? to go.

Now you can relate your new definitions to what you have laying around the house.

The Slow Quilter


  1. I like new words. So, I have a 100 flimsys. My granddaughter is still trying to figure out what wonky means. She told me it wasn't a word. She is 9 and that explains that. I am following your blog. Thank you for the invitation and thanks so much for following me. Maybe we can encourage each other the complete the flimsys, UFOs and WIPs. Have a great week. Robin

  2. Thanks - was very curious about this word "flimsy" and now I know! Happy Quilting!