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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cleaning the Cutting Table

Hello again, I received a lot of feedback on my blog, and I like to thank you for visiting me.  Please don’t stop coming around to see what I am doing or saying in the weeks to come and please don’t forget to join or leave a comment.    Do I sound needy?    Well I am.  It is always good to get feedback.  One feedback was from a dear friend, guild member (UHURU Quilters Guild) and Bee member (Wee Bee Quilters) Carolyn Burgess, better known as Ladyscrapbag and who is also a school teacher.  Her comment was on my spelling.  Even with spell check, I am a bad speller and proofreader.  So please forgive me for the grammar and Carolyn please don’t hit me with the ruler.

In my last post I was to clean off my cutting table so I can get ready to finish up some of the UFOs I have.  Well that never happen last night.  As I also mention that I am a procrastinator when it comes to starting projects that are time sensitive.  Well before the cutting table looked like it does, I was working on a time sensitive project for an upcoming showing on a concept from Ladyscrapbag (Carolyn) after a trip to New York on the Red & White Quilt Exhibit last year.  A lot of us signed up to also do Red & White Quilts, back in March, quilts where to be completed by December 30th (just needed a finish picture and measurement).  My original quilt idea never made my slow quilting skills, and as you know it I did not start my project until December 26.  Yah, I hear you, why did you wait until the last minute?  What can I say, I am the Slow Quilter.

Well to make a long story short, I had finished the block for the required measurements an incomplete photo.  So my problem was how to quilt it.  If I have not said this before, I love to quilt and putting blocks together, but I do not like to actually quilt.  I am good with stitch-n-the- ditch and outlining, put quilt designs I am not good at.  I would rather send them out to have them quilted.  So that is what I did last night, outlined the quilt.   All I have to say is “Thank God for monofilament thread”.  Only thing I have to finish on the quilt is attaching the binding which I will do on Thursday.  We need to turn in the quilts by January 30th.  Will it be finish then?  Yes it will be.  I do plan to add a little sparkle to it when I finish it.

The is a 3-D folded Mariner's Compass pattern by Cheryl Phillips.

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  1. I love your red & white. I see your block of the month in the back ground did you do all 12 of the block of the month.