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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We Are Quilters Hear Us Sew!!!

Sorry Helen Reddy for stilling the lyrics to your song “I Am Women”, but to all my quilting friends this title describes us to a “T” or is that to a “Q”?

We are quilters hear us sew
Our numbers too big to ignore
And we know too much to go back an’ pretend.
We’ve been down there on the floor
Basting quilts and even more
No one’s ever gonna stop us from doing more.
Oh yes I am wise
But its wisdom born of learning
Yes, I’ve paid
For fabrics and much more
But look what I’ve made, a quilt that looks so great
If I have to spend, let me spend it on more fabric
I am strong
I am invincible
I am Quilter

Ok, Ok, I should not quit my day job, but when I’m left with my thoughts anything could come to mind.
I have finished my quilt for the exhibit next month.  I will not show you my finish quilt, but you already saw the work in progress.   You will have to come to the exhibit to see it.  The exhibit “Red And White, Too”, an exhibit inspired by Joanna S. Rose’s Red and White Exhibit in New York last year, and being presented by Ms. Carolyn Burgess (Scrapbag).  Ms. Scrapbag has collect quilts form local D.C., Virginia, and Maryland (and maybe even further out of town) quilters to show our own red and white quilts.  The exhibit will be held at Art Enables – located at 2204 Rhode Island Avenue, N.E. in DC.  It will run from February 6-24, 2012.  So if you can please stop pass and support your local quilters. 

Singing A Quilting Song
The Slow Quilter

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