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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Surfing the Blog - We All Doing the Same Thing

Hello I am back.  I needed a couple of days off from blogging to clean up my house and feed the kids.  Since I usually write my blog before I go to bed at night, I just fell in a just did not think about trying to blog.  I also left my UFO on the table to get to hopefully this weekend (I do plan to get to it).  While at work, I have been surfing the blogs and have come to a conclusion that we all are writing about the same thing, completing our UFOs, flimsies, and WIP.  If not that, we are trying to organize our sewing rooms.

All of the above is great, but do you know what, when we finish a couple of UFOs between now and March, we will be hitting the quilt shows, buying more fabrics, and starting new projects that most-likely will end up to be another UFO in the stack of our others.  Organizing our sewing room is laughable, since by the time we pull out fabrics to match with what we brought, we usually do not but it make in the right place and then we start to organize again.  We are quilters that go around and around in a circle, but we LOVE IT.  It is the creativity in us all to touch that fabric and create that great quilt, and we will complete that quilt some day soon.  I know most of you might have already, I am still working on mine.
One of my quilting friends (Charlene) sent me an article that I think you will all have fun reading if you have not read or seen it yet.  It was in the 2011 Aug/Sept. issue of Quilter’s Home Mag.  The article was call “The Happy Procrastinator Presents: How to Finish a Quilt” by Megan Dougherty , check out page 26-27 http://issuu.com/newtrackmedia/docs/qh_aug_2011?mode=embed&layout=documentview.  She is a great writer and funny.  I also check out her blog the Bitchy Stitcher http://thebitchystitcher.blogspot.com/ if you have not stopped pass please do so.

Until I Blog again
The Slow Quilter

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