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Monday, October 20, 2014

Black Cat Crossing Blog Hop Day 1 Give-A-Way


Maywoodmdmsamm copy

This is Day One of the Black Cat Crossing Blog Hop and before I begin I would like to give a shot out to our host and wicked cheer leaders Wendy Christian of Why Knot Kwilt and our every loving mother of Blog Hops Mdm Samm.  Thank you both for allowing me to participate in this blog hop.

The fabric line for this hop was Black Cat Crossing by Maywood Studios.  It is a great line of fabric for the ghouls who love to make anything.


Being the every Slow Quilter and Procrastinator that I am, I have just finished my project tonight, at least just one.  After our last hop, I took a little break to work on my  bathroom.  In the process of this break with sad news Tom’s mother passed ( his father pass just this July), so my life was a little upside down from there with no time to sew.  I felt it was too late to ask to be put back to a later date to post so I rush in to finish at least one of the projects I was think of doing.

So let us get this show on the road. Here is my project the Tammy bag for all seasons and uses.  On the back and front, or front and back is my black cat sporting the bling for  the season

black cat tammy 1


black cat tammy 2


And inside is a lot of treats with a spider to guard it.  Check out the Black Cat.

black cat corssing

Since I was not able to get to my second project with the fabric I have, I am giving you a chance to win it for yourself.  I have 6 fat quarts just for you. 


I will pick a winner by the end of the hop.  So please leave a comment and your e-mail address so that I can contact you.  Good luck to all.  Don’t for get to visit the other hoppers today and the rest of this week.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Winner Contact–Trouble Solved–Next Hop–Girlfriend Road Trip



I have been contacted from the winner of the Rush Hour Blog Hop and it is Susan Newsom of Grand Rapids, MI. Thank you again Susan for getting back to me, I will be mailing this out to you by the weekend.

This morning the problem with the toilet was not solved.  Backed up again and I had a meeting this morning.  Tom call the Plummer back to see what the  problem was, not planning to pay another cent on this.  Had to snake a little bit deeper, hopefully the problem is solved.  Even fixed the flush valve, so really do not need the one I ordered, but will keep it for replacement.  Never know when it will break and need it.

Maywoodmdmsamm copy

  Black Cat Crossing is the next blog hop that is coming up.  October 20th will be my day.  The fabric is from Maywood Studio.  I had and idea what I wanted to do for this hop, put as I sit here looking at the fabric I have gotten, I might change it.  I best not look at it too long or I will be rushing to get something put together. 

Me and some of my girlfriends are heading down to Fredericksburg, MD this Friday to the Original Sew & Quilting Expo.  Maybe I will find some more of the fabric there to add to what I already have, we will see.

Well that is all I have to report right now so see you latter this week.


The Slow Quilter (Felicia)