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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Six Pack, Covered Chairs, Control Top Panty Hose

Hello again, hope everyone had a thankful Thanksgiving.  During the week I was off for this most needed holiday vacation I tried to work on projects that were requested from friends.  I worked on Redskins potholders, aprons and pillows all while getting the house together for my Thanksgiving meal.


Before I had to clean off the cutting table to use as a severing spot, I made this “Six Pack Stack Reversible Fat Quarter Tote" (whoa, that’s a mouth full).

Above is one side, below is the other side with a coin purse to match, and the bottom pictures is the reversible side.  You are to use six coordinating fat quarters, since I did not have any I used some black a white fabrics I had in my stash.  Can you believe with all the fabric I have I could not find any to coordinate with?  I think I was just color blind for the day, and just did not want to figure anything out.  I was blind sewing, what can I say.


I have been planning for sometime to cover my dinning room chairs and was hopping to get them finish before my Thanksgiving meal, never happened, staple gun would not work, never got out to get the staples, could not figure out how to put the staples in the gun.  Well, that has all been taken care of, with some help from Tom, so after church, I started on the chairs. 

Before                                       After


One down 4 to go.  I got the fabric from my girlfriend’s (Nadine) shop about two years ago.  I’m slow what can I say.

I usually do not wear panty hose, only when I am dressing up in a skirt of dress.  The other day I pick up a pair since I was wearing a skirt to church.  I realized that what I picked up was a pair of control top panty hose.  OMG!!, Those things are like rubber bands at the top, it’s like putting on  a spandex girdle.  Once I got them on, I was o.k., but once I left church the dare things started to roll from the top.  By the time I walked to the car, they had rolled down to my thighs and took the underwear with them.  I could not get home fast enough to get them off.  Never again will I wear those things again.  If you could have seen me walking hoping that they did not roll down to my knees, thank God I was wearing a long skirt, should have just put on the knee highs.

Hope you had a good laugh, drop me a comment.

The Slow Quilter (Felicia)