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Monday, September 24, 2012

The Burning Question - Press Seams Open or To The Side???

Last night, I got an e-mail from my quilting partner, Bee/Guild member Charlene Marshall.  She is our resident Internet surfer.  She surfs through the Internet like a surfer through water; finding the most interesting sites to visit, or information on any type of quilting technique and what is happening in the quilting world.   

She has requesting that I send this question out to all my blog followers on the burning question:  “What is your preferred method of pressing seams, open or to the side?”

This was a most interesting question to me, since I started quilting I have always pressed my steam to the side because I was told that is how it was done.  And only one time, have I ever pressed my seams open because the instructions told me to.  After reading this article (sent by Charlene)   Press your quilt seams open by Mabry Benson  I think I will start pressing my seams open on some projects.

Please take a look at the article by Mabry Benson and also see this video below:
Making a Perfect Block-- Every time - YouTube .  Please send me your preferred method and why.

You know this is a early post from me.  I am still at work and wanted to get this out now since I have a church meeting tonight and if I have the time I want to get a little sewing in before hitting that lovely soft bed or minds.

So pressed with out you
The Slow Quilter


  1. I usually press to the side just to make it easier when sewing seamed pieces together. I try to make the seams open to opposite sides so everything lines up nicely. I do open them sometimes when there's lots of bulk.

  2. About thirty years ago I took a few quilting classes offered by 4-H club office. I knew nothing about quilting. The teacher said to press the seams to the side. So I always press seams to the side unless the piecing instructions say otherwise. I'm looking forward to reading your post's comments to learn what others so.

  3. I usually press to the darker side...I guess because that is what I was taught in quilting. However, with my years of sewing before quilting, I always pressed seams open. So--with my quilting now it depends on what part of the piece it is.

  4. I usually press to the side but on one of my quilts I did press the seams open and I liked it since I didn't get any really bulky seams that way. Thanks for the link to the article some very valid points were made and I too am going to rethink how I press my quilt seams.

  5. I do both,,depends on what I'm sewing, and what the fabric is. I like the look of pressing to the dark side; but when there's only light fabrics, I'd rather have them open. (Make any sense at all?)Great video

  6. I usually press to the side unless the bulk of the seams requires pressing the seams open. If you press seams open, you take stitching in the ditch totally out of your options when quilting the quilt. There's a great article in the November 2012 issue of American Quilter called "Ditch quilting: the unsung hero", by Susan K. Cleveland. Stitching in the ditch stabilizes your quilt so that fancy FMQ won't distort your blocks and make your nice straight seams look wonky. I didn't watch the video yet, but does she mention sewing with a shorter stitch length if you press your seams open? I do press my seams open when I'm piecing quilt backs & try to remember to shorten my stitch length.

  7. Good reminders! I do open seams when I have a lot of layers. Have a great day!!!!!

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