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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

In The Mail - We Support You Blog Hop




 I am so frustrated with my camera and computer today.  I have pictures, put they will not download.  Why me.  Any way, I got a package in the mail from LizA of Scrap Basket and UnRuly Quilting of Bra Fabric to use in the upcoming blog hop “We Support You”.  I got the pattern blown up for my use I just need to pick out the fabric I am going to use and get my story typed up for a very special friend.


Here is the list of participants for tomorrow and Friday.





Jan 29th

Life in The Scrapatch

Living With Purpose

What About Rheema?

Kwilt Krazy

Jan 30th

Just Let Me Quilt

Stitch and Quilt

how arT you

Living My Dream

Looking forward to seeing the support that everyone will be showing on this hop.



Now I must go and figure out what is up with the camera and computer before I blow a gasket.  See you all tomorrow.



The Slow Quilter (Felicia)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

We Support You–I’m In



Please don’t pass out.  Yes, this is my second blog of the year, one right behind the other, surprise.  As I was catching up on the blogs, I ran into one titled “A Little Support Here” by Carol Swift of Just Let Me Quilt.  My first thought was, “I hope nothing is wrong and I was will to give her all the support I could.  My second thought was I could use another support bra.  Don’t laugh I have to pay $65 to $75 for a good support bra to hold these girls up.

As I read her post I realized it was about supporting breast cancer.  Yes, I have had a friend who has pass from this, I even had a scare sometime back.   It was a post of a Blog Hop to support breast cancer, and as always Mdm Samm has done it again.  I left a comment on Carol’s blog saying how I wish I could join them on this most thoughtful hop and that I would be cheering them on.

Pat from Life In The Scrapatch saw my comment and sent me a e-mail to see if I would like to still participate in the Hop (she is head cheerleader).  I was so happy, I almost jumped out of my chair (I am at work) and did the Moon Walk (note to self, no Moon Walking, bad knee).  So I am in the hop and if this does not get my Groove Back nothing will.  I’m So HAPPY is playing in my head right now.

The Blog Hop starts Jan. 29 – Feb. 11 and I will will be on the last day, and would you know it, the theme is a BRA, pattern done by Mdm Samm (wish I had the aptitude to make my own bra) .  Nothing like getting the old creative juices flowing.  I will be looking through my stash of fabrics thinking of what I want to make.  Oh how I am jumping for joy (note to self, no jumping, might fall).

So, you will see me blogging a little bit more and I like to thank all of you who have missed me the last couple of months.

Keep your needles sharp and your foot on the peddle.

The Slow Quilter (Felicia)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Desperately Seeking Susan????


First I would like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the blogging community.  Yes I am late with this.  Yes I have been MIA for awhile, you know how it can be sometime when family and life gets in the way.

desperately seeking susan

I am not really Desperately Seeking Susan (Madonna), although I am a Material Girl (get it).  O.K., o.k. that was not that funny.  I am Desperately Seeking The Slow Quilter (Felicia), me.

I have some how misplaced myself mentally.  I don’t know if I’m  “scratching my watch of winding my ass” (from 9 to 5 Dolly Parton) After cleaning up the sewing room and living room of all my quilt stuff I have not been able to get back into the swing of things.  I have been doing a lot of crocheting and teaching myself how to knit again.  I have been working on a sock.  That’s right a sock, just one, I am almost to the heel.  No picture yet, don’t want to stop writing this blog or I might not get back to it.

With the New Year coming in, and quilt meetings, I think I might just find myself again.  I already have a couple of challenges to look forward to and finishing up some of my UFOs.  Oh yah, I have a new grandbaby coming in February, so look at all the baby quilts and outfits I can make with all this fabric.

Just maybe, I will put on some Madonna tunes and Vogue through the house or roll around on the floor. (To self, no rolling around on floor, might not be able to get back up).  Ok talking to myself again, bad habits.

I also have been watching a lot of the ID and Forensic File channel on TV.  My sons think I am trying to get away with MURDER.  Like murdering them or their father.  Can't wait for that show to start (How To Get Away With Murder). 

Anyway, I might be getting my Groove back (must be since I keep coming up with all these movie names (How Stella Got Her Groove Back).

O.K. I will stop, need finish cooking dinner before I burn it.  So until I blog again, keep your seam rippers sharp, and your stitches 1/4 inch and I will blog with you later.

The Ever So Slow Quilter (Felicia)