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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving To All


I would like to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving.  I am hard at work cooking, my ham is done, my pumpkin pies are in the oven, and my turkey is cleaned a seasoned to put in the oven in the morning.

Since my cutting table is in my dinning room, I had to clean it off so I could use it as a extra serving table.  All the stuff on it I moved into the sewing room (hope I can find all of my projects).

I have join a new blog hop that will start in January- Nancy Drew.


There will be clues to follow or solve, cannot wait to order my fabric and get started on my project.  I will have to think hard on a mystery quilt or something.  Might have to catch up on reading some of the novels.  So click on the Nancy Drew icon on my sidebar and join us for the fun.

I have to get back to cleaning and cooking before it get to late because I plan to stick old Tom Turkey in the oven early in the morning.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and give thanks to the Man Up Stairs.

The Slow Quilter (Felicia)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

What’s Up?

Since the UR Priceless blog hop, I have been working on other projects when I get home from work and it is just to late for me to blog.  In between all the little sewing projects I have also been resting.

Last night I work on a picture quilt for a friend whose godmother passed away from cancer.  She ask if I would make the quilt so that it will be placed with her.  I got the pictures when I got home from work and started the quilt and finished in no time.


Sorry the pictures are not that clear.  The fabric is cancer fabric, it was a quick quilt to do, did not have to think about the placement of pictures and I did the all in one binding method (folding the backing to the front and sewing it down).  I also used something I have not used before, fusible batting.  I had some under the sewing table and thought I would use it since this was a small quilt (28 X 28).  I really liked it and would use it again for small project.

I will also finish up the signature blocks I was doing for my church retreat tonight, I only have about 12 more to do, then I will get packing my little bag and leave tomorrow evening for the retreat.SAM_1837 

Since I will not be taken my computer, I will be MIA for the weekend.  Hopefully there will be some computers set up somewhere so I can catch-up on reading the blogs.


Also look what came in the mail today for me.  Yah!!! A new computer.


As you can see Louie is already checking out the box to see it he can get in it a sleep.  I will try to set this up tonight or in the morning before I leave.  Now I might be able to get to my embroidery designs.  My embroidery machine is sick, so it will have to go to the machine doctor to be fixed.  I am hopping that I have be a good little girl and Santa will bring me a new sewing machine this Christmas.

So until I return from my retreat, I will blog with you later.

The Slow Quilter (Felicia Few)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

You Want Me To Do What, By When??!!!

Before I get into my post, I want to say THANK YOU to all who commented on by UR Priceless Blog Hop, I had so many comments it took me two days to get through all, and since I did not reply to all of you, I Just wanted to THANK YOU for all the lovely comments.


There were, and still are so many lovely coin purses to see on this hop. You can click HERE for the full schedule.

Although I did not have a give away, if I had to take a poll on which one of my purses my readers liked, it would be the African Ladies and the ABC….fabric and the the Poker-dots.

2012 11 04_18582012 11 04_18602012 11 04_1862

I do plan to make more, along with matching bags.  For those of you looking for the pattern, your can click here to purchase it.

After showing my coin purses on the blog hop, I had some home business to take care of and been coming in every evening from work to work on the signature blocks (need to make 65 or more now).  Between working on them, trying to cook dinner, and cleaning up after everything, I just hit the bed instead of blogging.  Well on Thursday, my sister-in-law came by the house to bring me some fabric to make her a bag.  Now let me tell you she has been asking for over 2 month about this bag she wanted done with this fabric she had.


This is the fabric she brought to me.  Remnants of red satin, some black something of other maybe crape, and the fake blue leather. All I could do is look at her cross eye.Surprised smileThen she tells me she needs it by Friday (Nov. 9th).  Well I was not happy about that with all the church things I have to do, and other projects to finish.  She wanted it big, deep, a zipper and quilted.  Who do she think I am the Fast Quilter.

It took me until Sunday to think of what I can do with this none cotton fabric that was already raveling.  First I had to stabilize the black and red fabric before it just raveled apart.  I always made my bags from patterns, so this was a stretch for me to make it up as I went along using the techniques from the other bags I have made.

Here is the the results of the bag that I finished this evening (I had a doctors appointment today and did not go to work)Winking smile

Below is the red satin with pockets for the inside of the bag.  Since I am not a FMQ, I did diagonal lines on the front and back of the bag with a 6 rows down the center and 3 on the side of decorative stiches.   


As you can see above I added the blue fake leather to the bottom. below is the finished bag (sorry did not have anyone to hold it straight).  The picture on the right is zipper closer.


OMG!!!  That red is soooo satin that I had to take a picture with the lights off to even get this good a picture.  I have never been so glad to finish a bag in my life.  Never want to use slipper fabric again.  She is going to Rome for the holiday to visit her youngest son, who is a apprentice chief at a restaurant.  The boy loves to cook.

Now it is time for me to hit the kitchen for dinner then work on my signature blocks and check out todays coin purse hop.  Have to go to work tomorrow and a busy weekend of church breakfast, choir rehearsal and holiday shopping.  (Hmm, new name change, The Busy Quilter, maybe not, I think someone else is using that blog name).Open-mouthed smile

Happy Quilting

The Slow Quilter (Felicia Few)

Monday, November 5, 2012

UR Priceless Blog Hop Is Here


 I must say I have been waiting for this for months.  I thought that this blog hop was to start in October.  Not sure what I was thinking about.  Anyway it gave me more time to finish, and get more purse closers and make more.

I like to thank Madame Samm and Katherine for hosting this most exciting blog hop.  The coin purses will make great gifts for friends and family members.

I must say that I was very intimidated in putting the closures on, put once I got the first one on o.k. it was a breeze.  I could not stop, although I will only be showing 5, I am still make more to match bags that I am making.

The other problem I had was sewing the lining in the purse.  I could not do it with the pins, so what I did was hand baste the lining then sewed it in with the machine.  So now let me present to you my coin purses.  Oh one more thing, each time I left the house I forgot to take my purses with me so I could get a good photo op at the fabric store, the grocery store, or any place I spend money.  It was a good idea, but maybe next time when I show you the other coin purses I will be making soon.

First up is my ABC bag with matching coin purse.  The inside of the coin purse is dark brown batik.


I still had some poke-a-dot fabric left, so all four sides has a different color poke-a-dot.  Red, green, blue and orange.


You got a look at these little ladies in a earlier blog, put might not have know what it was.  This was the first one I made to try out the pattern to see if I could make it.  Got to pay that electric bill.



Here is my fall leaf coin purse.  I made this for a person in my church.  I made a bag of this same fabric.  Hope she likes it. 

Last of my coin purses is this little beauty also in batik fabric.  And here is a group picture. 


These are soooo addictive.  You can make so many in just a short time, and then sit back and watch your favorite t.v. show and sew on the closures.  I really enjoyed this Blog Hop.  It is always nice to have a finish project.  All my friends are wanting one of these coin purses, so I guess I better get back to work.

Do forget to check out the other blog hoppers who will be showing there purses today.

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Happy Quilting

The Slow Quilter

(Felicia Few)