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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Six Pack, Covered Chairs, Control Top Panty Hose

Hello again, hope everyone had a thankful Thanksgiving.  During the week I was off for this most needed holiday vacation I tried to work on projects that were requested from friends.  I worked on Redskins potholders, aprons and pillows all while getting the house together for my Thanksgiving meal.


Before I had to clean off the cutting table to use as a severing spot, I made this “Six Pack Stack Reversible Fat Quarter Tote" (whoa, that’s a mouth full).

Above is one side, below is the other side with a coin purse to match, and the bottom pictures is the reversible side.  You are to use six coordinating fat quarters, since I did not have any I used some black a white fabrics I had in my stash.  Can you believe with all the fabric I have I could not find any to coordinate with?  I think I was just color blind for the day, and just did not want to figure anything out.  I was blind sewing, what can I say.


I have been planning for sometime to cover my dinning room chairs and was hopping to get them finish before my Thanksgiving meal, never happened, staple gun would not work, never got out to get the staples, could not figure out how to put the staples in the gun.  Well, that has all been taken care of, with some help from Tom, so after church, I started on the chairs. 

Before                                       After


One down 4 to go.  I got the fabric from my girlfriend’s (Nadine) shop about two years ago.  I’m slow what can I say.

I usually do not wear panty hose, only when I am dressing up in a skirt of dress.  The other day I pick up a pair since I was wearing a skirt to church.  I realized that what I picked up was a pair of control top panty hose.  OMG!!, Those things are like rubber bands at the top, it’s like putting on  a spandex girdle.  Once I got them on, I was o.k., but once I left church the dare things started to roll from the top.  By the time I walked to the car, they had rolled down to my thighs and took the underwear with them.  I could not get home fast enough to get them off.  Never again will I wear those things again.  If you could have seen me walking hoping that they did not roll down to my knees, thank God I was wearing a long skirt, should have just put on the knee highs.

Hope you had a good laugh, drop me a comment.

The Slow Quilter (Felicia)

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving To ALL


I like to wish all my blogging friends a Happy Thanksgiving.  My meal is just about ready and the family will be here soon. 

I like to give thanks that I can see another day, and spend time with my family.  I give thanks to have such great friends including my quilting family and blog family.  And most of all I give thanks to God, who follows me everyday of my life and see me through the bad and good times.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

The Slow Quilter (Felicia)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fabric Bowl Therapy & Show-N-Tell



I know it has been a while since my last blog, but I have not been doing much quilting lately just hitting the bed and reading.  Last month at my Quilting Bee we had a class on fabric bowls, you can read about it on the Wee Bee Blog.  This was my first time ever making a fabric bowl and it was great therapy to just sit and wrap fabric around clothes line and then create your bowl.  Here is my finish project.


I still have more cording left, so I will be working on another bowl soon.

At my Guild meeting one of our Alumni members Barbara Brown stop by with  a lovely Baltimore Quilt hand applique and quilted.


Now that is some work.  It took her about two years off and on working on this quilt.

We also had visitors from Faithful Circle Quilters selling showing off there lovely raffle quilt “Birds of a Feather Quilt Together”.  This quilt was also hand applique with all the birds.


The work on this quilt was totally breath taken.  I had to buy be a least two books for this lovely quilt. Hope I win it, drawing it not until May 2014.

Well I guess I will be off a do some more wrap therapy.

Quilt with you later

The Slow Quilter.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

All For Quilting–Eye Candy & Wicked Hop Day 3



Who out there do not like to see some great looking eye candy now and then.  While I was sewing on my Witches, I look or listen to music.  As I was working a song came on “All For Love” with Rod Stewart, Sting and Brian Adams.  Now that is eye candy and the song took me to a new level of thinking.  As quilters we have a Love for our art.  In times of trouble, we band together to help those in need for quilts of comfort, “All For One”, and if your quilting buddy needs a certain fabric that you have in your stash, you are willing to give it to her.  We are “All For One and One For All”.  Hope you enjoy this video.

There is nothing like following a blog hop of Wicked Quilters to wake a person up at the job. Yesterdays hop was a spiders dream, there were spider webs all over the place with one lone Vampire that I would let take a bit out of me, and we cannot dismiss the Witch flying across the moon pillow with a lovely quilt and other great entries to this blog hop.  So check out todays Ghoulish hoping.

Thursday, October 24th

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The Slow Quilter (Felicia)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wicked In The House Day Two

Wicked Blog Hop is in the house and Day One had me hiding under the bed.  This is one Hop I could have sank my teeth in, (I’m such a VAMPIRE fan).  I must say the Ghouls are doing a fantastic job.  I saw a eyeball plant that I think is still looking at me, a spider web that I could live on, and aprons of horror that I could meet the monsters at the door in.   Check them out at Sew We Quilt, and here is the line up for today:

Wednesday, October 23rd
I have to fly off, I have a witch on the sewing machine.

Happy Hopping

The Slow Quilter (Felicia)

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Ageing Quilter–Rambling Thoughts



As I was walking to the bus stop this evening after getting off from my good Government Job, my thoughts were rolling around in my head on what I would do once I got home.  I remember when (it has only been 3 or 4 months) that when I got home from work, I would run to the sewing room and work on a new quilt or bag.  Nothing short of feeding the family, could stop me from doing something in the sewing room.  Now when I get home, I fall in the bed and pass out until it is time to go to work again.

Blogging was (is) my outlet of writing about my quilting on what was on my mine or what is happing with my quilting friends.  I would stay up until after 1:00 in the morning writing my blog after quilting.  I could not wait until the next Madam Sam’s newest blog hop so I could bring out more of my fanciful ideas, read all the blogs of people I only know by their work on fantastic quilts and works of art to my soul.  Reading about new family members, cats, dogs and what is on their mines.

What is this all about?  I am getting old (aren’t we all).  Three or 4 months ago, I felt like I was still in my 30’s, nothing has change much, other then I am in my mid 50’s (I have to ask the kids how old I am sometimes, since I forget).  Could that be the onset of Alzheimer’s.  Every time I think about doing something in the sewing room, I start then stop, then start again, then say the hell with it and go to bed.  Since my knee surgery in late January, I have a case of arthritis.  I cannot get on the floor and sandwich my quilts, I can barely walk up the stairs, and getting out of a chair is not as easy any more.  I even had to buy me one of those 17” inch tall toilets and hitting the handicap stalls when I am out. 

This has been my rambling thoughts of the day.  I am in the sewing room now putting binding on two quilts, cutting up fabric for a basket class this weekend.  I am not feeling old anymore.  When I look in the mirror,  my hair is 3 shades of naturel color, what ever the last color I put in and gray and it thinning.  The face is the same, but the chine is sagging.  The eyes are bright, but have little bags under them.  I am still me, the ever loving Slower Quilter, ageing or not, will always be a quilter.

I am back, so please keep a watch out for me.

Happy Quilting

The Slower Quilter (Felicia)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bus Trip–Buying Fabric YA!!!

It has been awhile since my last blog, but I think I am back on track.  As you know I am D.C. Federal Government worker, but I was not furloughed.  My Agency USAID was able to keep us working while other agencies were shut down.  Great for me, but I could have used a couple of pay days off.

Friday me and my girls went on a bus trip with the Milltown Quilters of  First Presbyterian Church of Howard County in Columbia, MD.  This is their Annual shopping trip to Sauders, Shady Maple and the Kitchen Kettle area.

Here are some of the ladies waiting for the bus.  They were even siting in the car.  Hi Terri, hope you found a lot of fabric.


We made it to Sauder and the ladies were buying up a storm.  There is Pat getting her purchases cut, and Linda of Eat, Sleep, Quilt standing in line with her arms full, and I even see Renee back there.

I have been waiting for this trip all year, and would you know it, I could not make up my mine on what fabrics I wanted to get.  I played it safe by only buying things I will be using to make bags and what caught my eye.


There was this city fabric and the music fabric and cafĂ© fabric that I picket up.  I also picked up some yardage of Kona snow, black and gray for $5.99 a year, now that was a deal.

There is nothing like going on a fabric shopping spree to get your creative juices going.  Saturday (right after the bus trip) morning Linda and I went to the new JoAnn’s in Wheaton Maryland for their grand opening.


Yah, Linda was buying more fabric.  I needed some Red Skin fabric for pillows and found this nice look fabric for a bag.

Once I got home I got right into finishing/starting on some projects. 


Here is the T-Shirt quilt I have been working on.  I got it sandwich and squared up.  Just need to get the binding cut out and on.


I also got this baby quilt squared up and ready for a binding, that I have already to put on.



And this is the block I have been working on tonight for an exchange.  I only have to do six blocks that are due next Saturday, only have 5 more witches to cut out.

So, you are pretty much caught up on what I have been doing.  So I will be blogging with you soon.


The Slow Quilter (Felicia)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

BABY Shower

Since as you know I have not been blogging very much, I have been doing some things and this is one of them.  I am playing blog catch up.

One of my co-workers was having a baby, so I decided with a couple of other friends to give her a baby shower.  Because most of us were out of town or on vacation we really did not have time to get every thing together and I wanted to make her a quilt.

SAM_2709Since my sewing table was a mess I decided I wanted to do this little fleece blanket and tie the ends.


I also made this The Self Binding Baby Quilt (Receiving Blanket) from the MissouriQuiltCoIt was so easy to make and I just loved the fabric.  This I added to a gift basket with a lot of baby stuff in it that Tom made.




Here are the decorations of the conference room.




This big booty was made my best friend and co-worker Tracy with baby diapers and receiving blacks.  She all so made the motorcycle bear with baby diapers.  


Mom and Dad really liked my blanket.


She had the baby the day after the baby shower and here he is.  Thomas Stacey Townsend Moore. Born September 5, 2013 at 2:32 pm. He weighed 7 lbs 15 oz. He measured 20 inches.

baby pic 1baby pic 2

Don’t you just love babies.  Just another tax deduction, and I think I could use a couple more of those.

Happy Quilting.

The Slow Quilter (Felicia)