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Friday, August 22, 2014

Music & Quilting



As I was sitting in my sewing room working on one of  my quilts, listing to soothing sounds of YouTube music from my computer, I realized how quilting and music seems to go together.  OK, I know this is not a new concept, we all know how music and quilting go together, we all listen to it when we quilt, don’t we.


Depending on what I am doing, I love to list to old school sounds, love songs.  The kind of music that you slow danced too.  Then I will switch up to good old rock-n-roll music to get up out of my sit and dance to while I am ironing seams and bindings.  And when you are quilting your quilt the rhythm of the music will just guide your hand and maybe your work.

There is nothing like getting into the grove of piecing and quilting when the house is quite, no one around to distract you, no phones ring off the hook, not having to cook, clean and sew at the same time.  You know what I mean, especial those who have demanding family members.

Last night it was Boys II Men, tonight my chose of music was love songs, The Dells, Delfonics, and Stylistics all the greatest hits. When I start cutting up my binning it was Phil Collins – Sussudio, Do You Remember and Easy Lover.  Dancing and bobbing to the sounds.

What do you listen to when you quilt? 

The Slow Quilter (Felicia)


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bowling Quilters & I Got Mail


renaLeague summer bowling is now over with, and I must say we had a lot of fun.  I ran into two of my UHURU Quilters Guild buddies, who were also on the league, Antoinette Johnson and Renee Baccus.



charli and daughter

Last night, who should show up at the bowling ally but another UHURU member Charlie.  She came to support her daughter who is also a member of the league.  I might have to bring up at the next meeting that we start a Quilting bowling league.  We can bowl and sew binding on our quilts.


birthday cake

To celebrate everyone’s birthday, we had this beautiful cake make by one of the members.  We also had a live band, that played while we bowled.  It was a lot of dancing to the music and little of bowling, but we did end the night with a lot of fun.  Now it is on to the Bowling Banquet, which will be on 31st August, with Larry Graham as our musical guess.



This is what came in the mail yesterday, the rest of my Rush Hour fabric, at $4.95 a yard.  I still have not received my white commuter fabric which I paid $10.00 year.  Oh well, at least I have enough to make what I plan with it.

I am off to the family reunion today and will be back on Monday to finish off some projects and start on a new one.

Have a great weekend.

The Slow Quilter (Felicia)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Shopping for Fabric $4.95 On Line



I have been on line today shopping for a great deal on the Rush Hour fabric and Black Cat Crossing fabric for the up coming blog hops.  Now I really do not need the Rush Hour fabric for the hop, but want it any way.  I already have the Rush Hour Commuter Black and waiting for the white to come in.  I already have in mind what I am going to make with it and want to make sure I have enough, so I needed another piece of the fabric.  Found a great deal on Etsy Sew Today Fabric for $4.95 1/2 yard.  Had to jump on that right away.

I also know what I plan to do with the Black Cat Crossing fabric, I have a little time before I have to get it, so I am hoping that I will fine a great deal on that since I will not need too much of it.

I am still working on my second project for the first hope (See You In September).  I would have been finished, but had some house work that need to be done and took time out to hit the movies.

If you like James Brown’s music, then you will like the movie “Get On Up”.  It made you want to get out of sit and do the mash potato's and the camel walk.

Friday is the last night of bowling.  Yes most of you know I bowl in a summer league, I have not give you much insight on the league this summer but will have pictures later. 

I am also off to a Family Reunion this weekend, so will not have time to sew anything but a binding on the finish second project. 

Well, I have to go.  Do you know any great deals on fabric, let me know.


The Slow Quilter (Felicia)