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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little “C” Gone?

Well, believe it or not I got the quilting bug today.  I had such a bad night sleeping last night, something was going on with my legs all night, like it was crawling.  My girlfriend said it was most likely restless leg syndrome, which I have never had before, put it really kicked my butt.  I was so glad Tom was not home last night, because my legs just moved all over the bed and I did not sleep but half awake.  But believe it or not I was not as tired as I have been this week.

Last night I watch the BOM on Craftsy and since it was using the Drunkard’s Path Template (which of love to do), I thought I would work on the blocks.  I have the Marti Michell Templates, but I only could fine the B template and not the C.

During my weeks of Quilter/Blogger Blues, Tom has been cleaning, washing/ironing clothes.  He even went into my sewing room and “straighten” up (OH MY GOD!!!) why did he do that.  It is my mess and I know were everything is, now I have to go through everything he straighten and look for my “C” (which should have been with the “B” which could have when out somewhere with the “D”).  I am talking about the pie shape template.  After three hours of looking I still did not find it.  I do have other place to look for it, so after I finished this blog I will go on the hunt.


Weathr girls

  My girl friend to this picture of me at the banquet last Friday.  When I saw the picture, I wanted to sing the Bette Midler song the Wind Beneath My Wings.  Boy-O-  Boy, I could fly away with those arms flapping around.  Note to Self.  Left some weights or a couple of cans of cream corn.

Well I am off to look for that missing “C”, if I do not find it my tomorrow I just have to use that template.

The Slow Detective Quilter


  1. I don't know about flying, but I think your outfit looks great.

  2. You looked great...if you know some with an Accuquilt Go cutter, and a Drunkards Path die, you could knock those blocks out in minutes. Glad that you are out of your slump. I am still working on mine:0)

  3. you look beautiful! Get your iron level checked. If restless legs is popping up, it could be due to low iron.