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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Color Theory Moment or Duhhhhh!!!!!

This is a quick post, because I am still at work.  Need to get this out before I forget, been having some memory problems lately.  No., no, it is nothing serious, just the usual everyday kind of memory lost we get as we get older.
I have never been good at color theory; I have always stayed safe in my quilting with using natural colors (black, white, beige) which goes with anything.  Thou I do have color in my quilts, I find myself always playing it safe.  I was just in the hall at work and saw a young lady dress in this pink and brown outfit, and for some reason, color theory popped in my head, it was like having a duh (stupide) moment when color seem to hit me in the face.    Then I started looking at everything around me and realized here is my palette, the things around me.
I guess you are all wondering; “What is she talking about”?  “She should have known this long before now”.  I knew it, but like mist in the morning dew dissipate, so dose my thoughts.  Deep huh,  or maybe not deep enough.
Well the song playing around in my head at this moment is “I’m Coming Out”, I want the world to know that color is coming in bold bright color in my quilts.  I’m going to shout it to the highest hills, even tell the little color wheel (sorry Doris Day) I get like this at work at lot sing songs that pop in my head; So now my lifes and open door, and the Slow Quilter is not slow anymore.

Blog with you later, going home to work on that T-shirt quilt.

The Slow Quilter


  1. Interesting...I use a lot of color. Try using small pieces at first. I love lime green. Try using it in one of your quilts with blues, blacks, reds, oranges. It makes your quilts zing!

  2. P.S. and lime green is a perfect "Coming out" color:0)

  3. Great idea! From Northern Wisconsin as I look I my window I see bright orange, brilliant red, brown, green, gold, and yellow..Oh--blue sky and white clouds...Color is all around us! Go for it!

  4. You go woman!!!!!!
    WOO HOO!!!!!!
    Color Partay!!!!!

    I've been pinning all sorts of color palettes from Design Seeds to my Pinterest boards. I'm dying to take one of them and working on a piece using those colors.