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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Quilt and Banquet

Before I get into my night at the Bowling Banquet, a couple of my followers would like to see the B&W Quilt that I finished.SAM_1486SAM_1487SAM_1488

This is the Wickedly Easy Quilt quilt and it is a free pattern.  As you can see I cannot seem to keep Ms. Jay off the bed or the quilt. Below is the quilt that was made in Nigeria all hand quilted.  I wish I could give you a real close up on the stitching.



As you know last night I went to my Bowling Banquet out at Martins Crosswind.  I will not boar you with a lot of pictures put you have to see these.  Our theme was Red Carpet – Hollywood.

ticketFF Marque

foodfruitice bowlesub-banner-crosswinds

And surprise, surprise, who was our guess artist this year?  Well we Picked Up the Pieces, we sang Cloudy, and we had School Boy Crush, do you know now who was there.  AWB (Average White Band).  We danced the night away, and after they signed t-shirts.

bass plyerblow that honesigningSWBt-shirt signingSAM_1477SAM_1482SAM_1484

Above is my girlfriend Diane and to the right is Tracie with some of the band members for AWB.  This was my most favorite song that night.


Until tomorrow

The Slow Quilter


  1. Thank you for showing your lovely black and white quilt!

  2. Love you black and white quilt! I understand why Ms Jay won't stay off this one.
    Love all your pictures, SlowQuilter. Quilts, food, music, friends and fun. Great post.

  3. Your black and white quilt is wonderful. Ms. Jay makes the perfect model since she matches the color scheme. Your banquet looks like fun. The food looks very tempting. It's always great to have a live band, but having the AWB really makes it swing. Thanks for sharing.