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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sashing Of No Sashing That Is The Question???? HELP!!

As I posted early this week I am working on a T-shirt quilt for my aunt.  This is my first T-shirt quilt I have ever made.  I got the stabilizer on and cut the squares 12-1/2”.


 After laying out the quilt, as you can see Louie had to have his say on what should go were.  There are 12 squares with 3 across and 4 rows down.

I called my aunt to see if she might have any more T-shrifts so I can change the layout to 4 across and 4 down, but she is out of town right now, so I guess I will start on another project until she returns.

What I did help with is should I put sashing in between the blocks or just stitch it with out sashing and just boarder it?  Please leave a comment and let me know.

Thank you for your help.

The Slow Quilter


  1. If it were me, I would sash it and put a border on it too. I am working on a similar quilt for my kids for Christmas. Yours looks good so far!! Have a great evening!

  2. i, too, would put both sashing and border ... it would separate the different backround colors, making each an individual block. i made mine 4 by 5 blocks; 4by4 would have made a square. if your auntie doesn't have the four more, add some of yours that she would recognize.

  3. I like the idea of a sashing and borders, it would give each block a chance to take a bow. If your aunt doesn't have any more shirts, how about making the top and/or bottom borders a little wider than the sides? You could even add a pieced row in the bottom border, or do something like you did for the family tree quilt.

  4. Smashing and borders yes. Visit my blog for ideas.

  5. I too like sashing and borders. It fills it out. You might re-arranging too. Nice job! What stabilizer did you use?

  6. Yes to sashing and border... it will help combat the stretchiness and make the quilt larger. Hubby loves his t-shirt quilt. He says it's so darn cozy!

  7. I would put sashing and a border. I think sashing would really bring out the design of each t-shirt.