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Friday, January 13, 2012

Pants Falling Down

 Do you remember the song from American Idol, “Pants falling down, falling down, pants falling to the ground”?  Well that song was stuck in my head early this morning as I was getting off the bus for work.  As I stepped of the bus and started walking, it felt like my pants (I had on jeans) were falling, I stopped to check and they were just above my knees (thank God for long coats).  Lucky for me no one was around and I just pulled them up and kept on going.

This is not the first time this has happened to me, as most of my friends know that I have a problem with keeping my pants up.  One such instant, I was on a bus trip to one of the quilt shows, and my pants kept sliding down.  I got so tired of pulling them up, so I had some yarn and my crochet needle and starting to crochet myself a belt, I finished it just as we got to our destination.  You would think by now that I would have at least brought myself a belt.  I really do hate to wear belts, and I have brought two since, put it’s hard to keep up with them when my sons or even grandson seems to always have my belt.  I would rather, have them wearing a belt then to see them with their pants half way down their butts.

Most quilters were once-upon-a-time garment sewers.  We learned from our mothers or grandmothers, on even in school.   Once we got the quilting bug in us, we would rarely even think about stopping to sew a button on a shirt.  Although we are now venturing out with quilted garments, we would rather send our clothes to the cleaners for alterations then alter them ourselves.

I did over the holidays make the effort to take up my dress pants, put did nothing with my jeans (you should not have to take up jeans), so I guess this is another thing that will keep me from cleaning off the cutting table so I can sew up my jeans.  

On a side bar:  For those of you who do not know me, I am a black woman with no hips or butt to think of.  A car could roll over me and never feel a bump, so how am I supposed to keep my pants up?  Dame that belt!!!!

Happy Quilting
The Slow Quilter

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  1. Gurrrrl, you crack me up! You lost weight, time to change your jeans size, get some smaller jeans!!

    Good luck on cleaning off that cutting table, I'm going through the same thing trying to get my sewing room in order.