Hello, welcome to my blog. I'm still not sure what I will be featuring in this blog. I know it will be about quilting, but I might throw in the latest book I'm reading on my Kindle. So come along a follow me through my world of quilting and other stuff.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What In A Name

I am The Slow Quilter.  I was tossing around names to name by blog to describe me:  the Fabric Whisper, the Turtle Quilter and even the Cat Quilter.  I am a procrastinator at heart.  I wait to the last minute to complete projects.  I have a lot of time to finish projects, but wait until just a week or later to get started.  The Turtle Quilter would be a good name, I collect turtles and they are slow also.  The Fabric Whisper is also a good name for me since I let the fabric talk to me to let me know what it wants to be; quilt, bag, pillow, something (yah right. I have a room full of fabric; they haven’t been talking to me lately).   The Cat Quilter, just because I owned two cats, one died this past November and I miss her very much.  Well I settled on The Slow Quilter and I hope to take you through a journey of using up the fabric I have, the gadgets I brought, UFOs to compete and the insight of why we are quilters.

My New Year’s Resolution this year is to complete one UFO a month, if possible maybe even two.  First I will have to clean off my cutting table.  Let’s see how this week will work out in clean this table off and finding my first UFO to start on.


  1. What ever you with your cleaning don't throw any quilts away like I did. I believe I threw away one of my red and white quilt away.

  2. Hi Turtle: I know just what you mean -- in the fabric store the bolts just call out to me: Deb Deb buy me !buy me! They quiet right down once they're home, though!