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Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Day Of Rest

Sunday is a  day of rest, the day you give to our Lord and Savior.  I went to church this morning just to do that, but before I got there, I stop by Seven-Eleven for a large coffee, went back home to pick up my mother (who was not ready, when I stopped by).  After dropping her off at the church around 9:30 (I missed the early morning service) I decided to stop pass the Giant Food store to pick up a few items for dinner this evening.  I made it back to church by 10:15  (I also missed Sunday School class) and was able to find a parking spot in front of the church (it is really hard to find a parking space anywhere near the church some mornings).  I got to the choir room to warm up my vocals along with the other choir members.  We had a guess Pastor (this is church Revival month), I will not get into the what the sermon was about, but it was stirring.  We had 3 people join the church (it most have been a good sermon).   After the service, I talked to a few church members then collected my mother.  I dropped her off at the house and when to the beauty supply store to pick up a few items so I could get my hair done (yesterday I went out looking for a wig, but could not find one I liked, I am just tired of doing my hair, and just wanted something I can throw on my head).  When I finally got home, I fixed dinner, watch a little t.v. ( this is mystery Sunday on Hallmark channel) while I ate.  After eating and during the commercial breaks, I worked on my quilt sewing on the binding (I will hand sew the binding down tomorrow). I but up the food and washed up the dishes .  As I am writing this blog, I am getting my hair done by my son's girl friend LaKsia.  When she finish I am going to bed and start my rest tomorrow since it is a day off from work for the holiday (MLK Birthday).  This is a day of rest for me.  How about you?

My God Bless You
The Slow Quilter

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  1. Day of rest?? You were running at full-tilt! Maybe today you can get some rest :o)