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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wee Bee Quilters

I am in a Quilting Bee, which the name is Wee Bee Quilters, this is our first meeting of the year, which we met at our Presidents house, Marlene.  Our regular meetings are held at a recreation center were we can set up our machines and sew.

This is also the time we get together to exchange gifts from the holiday, since we do not meet in December.  This pin cushion and trash bag was made by Lynora  Williams (she was my secrete Santa).  I have always wanted one, but did not want to buy one, and never had the time to make one.  Thank you Lynora, I really love it and you will see it at the next meeting getting used.  SAM_0619

We also love to eat and we all brought food for the meeting, pouched salmon, chicken salad, black eye peas salad, all kinds of salads, thank God someone brought some fried chicken.


We also had show & tell.  Some of the quilts I did not take pictures of because they are a part of the Red & White, Too exhibit that will be on display in February.  But here is one by one of our most well know blogger, Sandra Ealy, know also by the name Yatude and her blog name sistah stitch alot.  If you have not been past her blog you need to stop pass, (she has not been blogging lately, but she is back).  The other quilt is by Yvonne Nickens who hand quilt this beauty.  The stiches were so straight and even it looked like it was machine quilted.


Last but no means least in this gathering of quilting friends and well know blogger is Linda, from Eat, Sleep, Quilt.  What are you looking for, money?


In writing this post tonight, I was looking through my pictures to post, I do not know what I did to bring them up to edit, I discovered that I had this thing on my computer called Windows Live Writer, which I used for this posting.  I am able to write this post and insert my photos without having to edit them and then it will post right into my blog.  Have any one of you used this wonder program?  Do you have Windows Live Writer?  I will have to explore this new thing and use it more, because it sure has cut my time in uploading photos for my blog.

Happy Quilting

The Slow Quilter


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