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Thursday, February 27, 2014

In The Mail–The Flying Tooth Story

Made it to the post office to mail out the B-Day Giveaway to LizA, sent it out Priority Mail and she should get it by Monday.  Hope you like the extra surprise I added to the box.


These lovely Kona solids were in my mail today from Sew-Sisters Quilt Shop were I am in the Kona Club building up my solid stash of half yard fabrics.  I can see a Modern Quilt in my future, along with other things.



I had a dental appointment today.  I have been having some on again off again tooth pain.  It seem that the tooth will have to go, although he did suggest a root canal, but in the pass usually when you have a root canal the tooth ends up having to come out.  This also brought up a tooth story that I hope will have you falling on the floor laughing.

Some time back, way back, I had a cap on my front tooth.  Something I bit into loosen the tooth and it came out.  I did not have the time to go to the dentist, so I just brought some dental cream and stuck it back in.  Well it really did not work.  On the way to work, I was on the bus and so happy I think I sneezed, when I felt that the tooth was not in my mouth, I looked around to see where it had gone.  I look in the sit next to me and it was sitting right there (like it paid for the ride).


When I got to work I cleaned it off added some more dental cream and went on about my work.  I was at a co-workers desk talking and bust out laughing and the tooth flew from my mouth and landed on her desk.  Now that was too funny even for me and very embarrassing.  Next time, I was on the elevator and sneezed again, the tooth was gone and this time landed on my breast (that God they are big).  When I got back to the office I called to make a dental appoint for the next day.  I was afraid I would put some ones eye out the next time the tooth decided to take a flying leap from my mouth.

Well that was my toothy story for the day.  Happy Quilting

The Slow Quilter (Felicia)


  1. Some pretty solids. Love the flying tooth story. I;ve had the same luck with root canals, so now just tell them to pull it.

  2. Sew Sisters is my favourite quilt store in Toronto - I order from them online, and I also get into the city to shop there in person a couple of times a year! I'm the queen of shopping their $6.99/meter sale section, lol!

    ROTFLMAO @ the flying tooth story - I can just picture it sitting on the bus seat, or on your chest, LOL. I'm glad you got that taken care of, and I hope your current dental problem can be solved fairly easily. Every time I have an appointment I seriously consider cancelling it because - well - DENTIST! He's really caring and gentle and his hygienists are a delight as well, but I still get overly nervous about going in - it's one of those things we have to do that most of us don't really like!

  3. I'm anxiously looking forward to your surprise -- I've told Arlo (the dog) that he must be nice to the mail lady since she will be bringing me a present -- an early birthday gift too as my birthday is next week. Love your tooth story -- I once had a temporary cap while waiting for a crown and I bit into a soft muffin and ended up swallowing the cap.

  4. I'm laughing out loud over your tooth story! I can honestly say I'm glad it wasn't me and my tooth!! Thanks for chuckle.

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Thanks for the laugh this morning Felicia! Picturing your tooth flying about is the pick me up that I needed!