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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow, Sew & Post



To day in D.C. we got 11 inches of snow, Yah!!! Government closed, I get to stay home a get some sewing done for a change.  Tom and Darnell got out and shoveled walk way.  We are looking for more snow later tonight, might have to telework tomorrow.

Have you missed me?  I have missed all of you.  I have been reading your blogs, some I have left comments some not.  But I am trying to keep up with everyone.  It has been a couple of hard months of not blogging but just getting home from the cold weather and falling into bed.  It is really cold in my sewing room if Tom does not go in early and warm it up with the heater.  By the time it gets heated, I’m upstairs and don’t want to come down.  I’m not sleeping I have pulled out the crochet needle and watch videos on YouTube to reteach myself to crochet again and what I have been crocheting is infinity scarfs.


I love using bulky yard in making these scarfs and they are warm for the weather we are having.  I even made a hat for one of them, but as you can see you can pull the scarf over your head.


In my last blog I said that I would be working on unfinished projects, so I have pulled out the signature blocks and put them together,  now I just need to get the blocks sewed.


There are about 15 blocks measuring 12 x 12.  This quilt was from a Women’s retreat from church, which should have been done and complete 2 years ago.  Sad smileYah, I really am behind.  I hoping to get it finish before the end of February, hopefully by this week.  We will see.  I’m off from work until Wednesday, so I have plenty of time to put this together, right?  I am a strong believer of “Murphy’s Law”.   "Anything that can go wrong, will".  Sewing machine problems, having to make runs around the city, just anything.  But I will not own it until it happens.

So this is my plans during our winter storm, what are you doing?

Happy Quilting

The Slow Quilter (Felicia)


  1. Glad all is well. Enjoy your 'snow' days off.

  2. The infinity scarves are wonderful. Just in time for this horrendous winter.

  3. Felicia do you sell your work?? I need a new winter hat bad and your gray hat & scarf are speaking to me.