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Monday, February 24, 2014

B-Day Give-A-Way “What Was I Thinking”

What in the world was I think about making you wait until Feb. 28th to get your hands on this Jelly Roll?


Look at it sitting in the box, just waiting to be shipped off to some lucking winner, all alone.  Well I plan on doing something about this right now.  I am going to let old Random Generator pick someone tomorrow night (Tuesday, Feb. 25) so that I will be able to mail it out, by Wednesday or Thursday.  That’s right, you might get it by the weekend.  I am also thinking about adding something to the box, not sure what yet, but the lucky winner will be surprised and she can share it on her blog when she get it.  So if you have not comment on the Birth Day Giveaway, then you have one more day.

Update on the “Walking Toilet”:  Since my last blog (4 days ago), the walking toilet was feeling might lonely on the the back porch so I guess he called in some friends.


Mr. air-conditioner and you can't see him, but Mr. T.V. is out there with them.  Lucky for me they did not stay too long they seem to make it to the fence.  Mr. air-conditioner seem to have left his buddies alone to go home with someone.  He is such a slut, and will spit on you when his turned on.  I am sure Mr. TV will follow soon, but his picture is all green and so are the people his turned on to.  The Walking Toilet will be all alone again, and soon the trash man will take him to his new home.  Bye, bye Walking Toilet, it was nice sitting on you.

For those of you who were glad I did not take pictures of  number I & II, I was not taking about that.  I was talking about the flushing mechanism on the new toilet.

SAM_3003 This is the new toilet and the flushing mechanism is on top.  I plan on have my thrown glazed, not sure what color, maybe Gold.  I am the Queen of the house, but I do not what the so called King to get any ideas.  He might just go in there with gold paint.


And as you can see it has a flushing button for I and II.  Hope the helped.




It seems like I am coming down with a head cold and plan to turn in early. 

Have a great sewing day

The Slow Quilter (Felicia)


  1. Glad the walking toilet get to the fence - too bad his buddies deserted him.

  2. I have that cold!!! sneezing...watering eyes; oh I hate colds. But not lasting too many days. Take care of that!!

  3. Hi!!!!! I love your posts!!!! Hope you feel better soon!!!!