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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Blog Help - Another Question or Two????

clip_image002First I would like to thank all of my fellow bloggers for answering my first "Burning Question" about replying to comments thru e-mail or reply on post. The consensus is that we all like to reply by e-mail.

My other question is, and I have to tell you it is not the only question, I was wondering that when you click on “Followers – Join This Site”, does this automatically go to your reader or some place where you can follow/read their blogs?  Now when I follow a persons blog, I copy their URL and past it in my blogger reader so that when they post I can make sure I do not miss them.  I was just wondering is this the right thing to do or is there another way.

Second question is, when I first set up my blog, I used my MSN account to read comments, then I set up my GOOGLE account.  I receive some comments in MSN, most/all of those are replies from bloggers that I have left comment.  On my Google account all are comments to my post.  Is there something I need to change in my account setup to receive my comments and replies on just the Google account.  I do not mine going to both accounts, but I find that I always have to check my junk box in MSN to make sure that I do not miss any comments.

O.K.  those are the last question I will have.  I have been working late and have not had a chance to work on any of my 3 projects, put they will be ready for the hops when they come up.  I have been following the blogs and leaving comments from the job since I have a lot of down time at the moment, and my daughter has been in my sewing room using the computer, so I could not get in there to sew.

OH GEE!!  Something else just pop in my thoughts, it is right on the tip of my tongue, oh yah,  I am a bad speller and I hate leaving comments with misspelled words.  Why doesn't the comments section have a spell check? 

Sew Until the Questions stops

The Every Wondering Mind – The Slow Quilter (Felicia)


  1. hmmm, i just looked and you're blogging on blogspot.com just as i am. yes, when i click on join [gfc] it goes right to my blogspot blog's reader.
    my reader collects not only gfc, but wordpress and a few others. when i click join, i go through wordpress or whichever and they pass them on to my blogspot reader. i had to set up accounts as i joined them the first time, so that they would come to my blog. some times i get a direct feedline from my favorites [vista internet explorer] but i often forget to check on those. i can not say how to do this ... i can't remember. i just read the pop up windows and the how-to pages of gfc.
    wish i could give better answers.

  2. I add the bloggers on my dashboard to become a follower and always get new posts. I've had issues with the follower buttons in the past so I di it this way to be sure.
    The comments and replies issue is probably associated with one of your account settings -- you probably still have the MSN address in the settings but the Google address as your main address.
    I agree that the comment section needs a spell check -- being a notrocious speller myself. Some of the blogs have a spell check on them but I think that the blog stop ones do not.

  3. Don't know why, but my spell check works in the comment boxes when I make comments. Thank goodness. I can't spell.
    When I become a follower and ADD it to my dashboard, I see when that blogger publishes a new post.
    All my comments go to my gmail account. I answer them from there unless they are a No REPLY blogger. Then I can't think of a way to find them and those comments go unrecognized. I can see them on my post, I just can't reply to them.
    I'm still learning how to manipulate my blog settings. You can call me the slow blogger : )


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  6. I don't allow anonymous comments, so I don't get that junk above. You might want to change that when you're changing all the suggested things above. As for spelling....I don't care if words aren't spelled right as I'm far from perfect in my spelling or typos. I just love having you visit. :O)