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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Getting Old-Not Yet-But Feeling It


This is not far form the truth.  My Birthday was yesterday (Saturday) and was well recognized by family, friends and even the bloggers through phone calls, e-mails, cards, text messages and even face book.  Ear rings from my son, sewing machine from Tom (which I still have not used yet) and a upcoming dinner date and movie.

I attend my Quilting Bee that started at 12:00 and had fun playing a bingo game before the meeting started.  We had some great show and tellSAM_2291SAM_2293

Gwen’s scrappy quilts.  She is on a fabric diet.  Does not plan to buy anymore until she is close to using up what she has.  Yah right, we know how that is.


This great little quilt above is by CC Flower, it will be cut down to blocks like the one on the right with this Twister ruler.  I cannot wait to see how that will come out.


And as usual, food.  Salman cakes, chicken, shrimp, pasta salad, tuna salad, coconut pie and a brownie pecan something another that Carolyn created (it was good).

I got home around 4:00 and I was done for.  Yes, I tried to make it to the sewing room, but that was not working for me.  So I just went up stairs and passed out.  Tom brought me dinner in bed (carryout fish dinner), which was fine with me.

I think it was a most relaxing birthday I could have had.  I love talking to the people around me, and loved hearing from my nephew who called me from Georgia.  I think my father forgot it was my birthday and I forgot to remind him.  Oh well, don’t they say the the “Mind is the first to go” or is it my knees.

They say (and by the way who are “They”?) Sunday is a day of rest.  Do we really rest on Sunday?  I know I don’t.  I am up early going to Sunday School and attending Sunday Service.  Running Darnell to an audition, running pass the hospital to visit my mom (and before I got half way out of the parking lot to come home, she calls and ask if I can stop by the store and pickup some kitty litter and trash bags).  Get home fix dinner and run a plate down to my father for his dinner (I live down the street from them).  Wash up the dishes, wash clothes, wash my hair and after I finish this blog, I will wash me.  Thank God my knee is better, or I might need a wheel chair (hopefully it is electric).

So all-n-all I will sum up my Birthday weekend as Happy.  Happy that I am still here on earth.  Happy that I have friends and family.  Happy that I am walking, talking and typing on my blog, and Happy that there is a great blogging community out there that will read this stuff.




  1. Happy Birthday!
    Many Happy Returns of the Day!
    :-) Pat

  2. So glad you had a happy birthday! Sounds like your day was fun! I have to say you started my day off with a good laugh with your "Chest Pains" photo!

  3. I'm so glad you had a happy birthday. I love that comic. I busted out laughing on that one!

  4. Dear Felicia.
    Belated best wishes to you. So glad to read thet you have had a great day.
    I love your humor, thank you so much for making me laughing out loud ☺
    Liebe Grüße
    Bente in Germany

  5. Happy belated Birthday, my dear. Loved, loved, loved this post. Your pie chart cracked me up. Especially the wedge that represents the time you look for things you just had a minute ago. That is so me and so frustrating. Where did I put the scissors, knife, pepper, paper, squares, ruler, sweater ....
    You are a very busy lady. Sounds like a lot of people need you. Hang in there, girl friend.
    By the way. Awesome quilt pictures.