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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

MIA in Detroit

Hello everybody, I am in Detroit at the FEW training conference.  The training is going well, put I must say there is not much to see around this hotel.  I am not liking Detroit all that much.
I do have a great view of Windsor Canada from my window, which I cannot go across the river because I did not bring my passport.  So far all my girlfriend Tracie and her daughter and friend have been doing is sitting out on the river walk and watching the people walk pass and looking across the river at Windsor.
They did take a walk down the river walk and found The Gateway to Freedom Sculpture.
freedom statue
The Gateway to Freedom
International Memorial to the Underground Railroad was sculpted by Ed Dwight and Dedicated October 20,2001 with a companion work “Tower of Freedom” in the Civic Esplanade Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
We do plan to take a trip to the Motown Museum when we have some free time from classes.

The vendor hall, was a little lax this year, not that many vendors, put I was able to find a couple of items.
Yes more turtles for my collection.  I do not plan to buy anything else.  I have not found a fabric or quilt shop anywhere yet, but I am still looking.

I am trying to keep up with reading everyone’s blogs, so I can keep up with what all of you are doing, put sometimes when I get to my room all I want to do is fall in the bed.  So if you do not hear from me in the next couple of days, just remember “I will be back”.

So until I get home

The Slow Quilter.

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