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Monday, July 30, 2012

Buzzy Weekend–A Lot To Do


I seem to have so much to do and little time to work on anything.  I envy all you stay at home retired quilters.  You have time on your hands, I just come home and want to hit the bed I am so tired, but I will not let that stop me for following your blogs (at work) and joining a few blog Hops (really need to slow down on that too).  I will be featured in the Great British Blog Hop.  I really can not think of what I will be featuring yet, put I know I will come up with something my August 1.  OH MY!!! that is day after tomorrow and I am already ready to hit the bed.  I will think of something they don’t call me the Last Minute Quilter for nothing.  OH Hell I’m the Slow Quilter right?  What every I will have something to show.  Please click on the side bar and it will take you to the link of participants.great british blog hop





My weekend starts on Friday when I go bowling.  I have not been in the last 3 or 4 Fridays, as I wrote in a previous post, on of those bad thunder storms caved in the roof of the bowling alley we bowled at and had to find another place.  It only took them a week to find one, put then I was packing to go on my trip, so this Friday was my first day back at it, did not bowl to good (new alley and all) yea, right, I just was have a bad day.  But it was a great night, because they had Bull Riding in the bowling alley.  No I did not get on the bull, Tom would have made a seen, if I broke my neck.  But here are few photos of those who did.


This is my team and it is call Mike Jumps the Broom.  Mike is the one in front.




Saturday, was a Wee Bee Quilters meeting, with a workshop with Linda called the Cobblestone Wall Hanging.  Everyone seem to really enjoy this workshop, I was too sleepy to participate.


  After the meeting, I stopped by the house to drop of my things and run over to my girl friends mother’s house, were a full blown block party was going on for the support of CANCER.  The do this block party every year and it was the first time I went.  I did not stay long, could not take pictures since it went dead on my at the work shop.  When I left there I went home and fell in the bed, and you know that Sunday is the Lords day for me, I am glad I was able to stay up through the sermon John 3:16.

I also received my Black & White Quilt that I sent out to have quilted, put I will have to show you the pictures tomorrow.  I am going to bed and it is only 7:24 pm.

So I will blog with you later

The Sleepy Quilter


  1. Oooh what a lovely weekend you had - how nice to have a block party for cancer too - my friend and I did a charity crop last year with all proceeds going to cancer research and we managed to raise £900! (I think thats about $1350) so we were really pleased with ourselves. Hope you have found some energy for the Great British Blog Hop - I know what you mean about always being tired and I dont work although I do run around after two small children which is a full time job in itself isnt it! See you tomorrow at 8am GMT and thank you so much for taking part.

  2. You always sounds so busy! I'm happy to hear you're going to bed early! Get some rest and then post your Black and White Quilt pictures tomorrow so we can see!!