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Friday, April 20, 2012

Marathon Quilt Week

TGIF, it has been a long week and everyone is asking why I have not been blogging.   Well after the BINGO card and the Dancing Tree, I just have not had time to blog.  You remember I have my grandson in the evening ( I have two one is 2 yrs. and the other 15 yrs.), so after cooking, feeding and washing dishes all I have the strength to do in fall in the bed.  I did have time to finish the last book in the Hunger Games series Mocking jay, and I watched Part 1 of Breaking Dawn in the Twilight series.  After watching the movie I could not wait for Part 2, so I got the book from a friend and started reading were the movie ended.   I only read it at night to put me to sleep.

I did sew last night.  Tom does all occasion gift baskets for people and usually ask me to make pillows with initials or a special theme.  Someone requested a Cancer basket for a friend walking in the Susan G Komen walk for the Cure.  Since I had some cancer fabric, I came home and made a pillow and writing pad cover with the fabric.


This morning I had my grandson hold the items so I could take pictures.  He is such a ham, that when I was taken the picture he said “cheese”.



Here is also the pad holder and pen


Now about my Marathon Quilt Week, I will be on vacation all next week and I plan to take that week and eat, sleep and quilt (oh my! That is Linda’s blog name).  I have from the time I wake up in the morning and until my grandson comes home.  (You know I am going to have to add a gadget on the side of my blog to count down the day that my daughter moves completely out of my house and take her kids with her).  So I have really on two quilts to complete fully and that is the picture quilt for the Dancing Tree that is do before Mother’s Day and the Family Day quilt for June.  This should not take long to do, put you know all the planning in the world something could go wrong.

I have also linked up with Marcia’s  Blog party.  Grab the button on her sight and find new blogger to follow http://marciascraftysewing.blogspot.com/.  I have not even gotten through all of the bloggers who have signed upped, but I am trying, I know my following is picking up speed.

New Quilt Blog Link Party

I still have to finish my BOM NYB I am behind and I will try to work on them after I finish the two quilts.  Tonight I have to finish and newsletter for my quilting Bee and I am applying for a new job at work and have to finish my resume and send to my proofreading to work on it, and if I have time check out other blogs and maybe follow them.

As you know this is a very busy weekend for me and I know will not have time to do any sewing, but I will be blogging.  I have a 10:00 – 2:00 music ministry workshop at church tomorrow gearing up for the Pastor and Church Anniversary, so I know when I get home I will just fall in the bed.  The grandkids will be back to the house late Sunday evening so I will have time to get set up for Monday’s quilt in.

Also tomorrow I would like to introduce you new a new seam ripping device that most of you might not know about.  Got you wondering?  Well the hint is that it is a object that a women uses.  So you will have to check back with me tomorrow to see what it is.

Until Tomorrow my quilting friends

The Slow Quilter


  1. Such a nice pillow and note pad cover made from cancer fabric.
    I look forward to seeing a new seam ripping device. Have fun next week.

  2. Welcome to the NEW Quilt Bloggers Linky Party! Thanks for linking up and posting about it and adding the Button! I'm finding more to follow too!
    Enjoy your day!