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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Back Down in the Sewing Room

Yes, I have come out of the bedroom and gone back to my sewing room, since the weather is semi warmer (I had to turn on the heat to take out the chill).   I am still keep the other sewing machine in the bedroom, so when I just need to get away from things I can still sew in my room. 

I worked on my picture quilt.  Did I have problems, well yah.  They were miner, could not get the paper backing off the photos and the seam line raveled.  Put all was workable, and since I had some miss-print photos I made them into a envelope pillow to go with the quilt.


When I printed out the photos for this quilt, I left a 1/4” seam allowance around the picture, tip to you all:  You should leave at lest 1” seam allowance around you photos, since when pulling off the paper backing, the edges of the fabric will ravel.


When printing out the pictures I had the decision to make about the size of the pictures since I wanted to put the pictures on the side of the quilt, I had over 30 pictures, which I collaged into groups of 3 which gave me 10 photo printouts.  Dame I hate math.  In order for the pictures to fit on the side of the tree I printed them at 3 x 4 (at first I printed them 4 x 5, those are the one on the pillows).  Then I thought to put 1” strips between the pictures using the same background fabric.  The measurement came out great the fit perfect on the side of the quilt.  I plan to add another red strip on both sides between the tree.  I do not know the size (am I a bad quilter since I do not measure to get at least an estimate?).  Before I can add the sides, I need to discuss with my co-worker whether she wants her mom at the bottom of the quilt (the root of the family) and the poem at the top or revers.  Also I could embroider (yes, to those of you who did not know I have an embroidery machine) some words around the tree (Mother, Grand-Ma, Grate-Grand Ma, Root) just my thoughts.  So here is a preview of the quilt so far.  Hope to have it all quilted by next Tuesday.SAM_0876

Who ever Tom called final came and cut the grass in the back and front yard.  I thought I was going to have to get a sling blade just to get out the back door.  The grass was hip high.  Now I just need to get someone with a pick ax to dig up the ground and re-soil so that grass can grow instead of crab-grass and weeds.


I Still have to have the tree in from of the front pouch trimmed.  I hope that next year I will plant some flowers, put like I said, since I trying to get the front pouch redone, I will have to wait.


I have a Bee Meeting tomorrow, with a workshop on a Modern Baby quilt, hope to have pictures for you of the quilts and food.  You know how we love to eat.  I have already made my dish for tomorrow which can be eaten cold or warmed up.  It is a Black Beans and Rice dish with a smoky southwestern taste, just a little spicy.

Sew until tomorrow

The Slow Quilter


  1. Your quilt top is so fascinating! I love the idea of bordering with family pictures~!

    Yard work is NEVER done. I don't do it, so depend on hubby to do it. If he didn't I'd have to hire it out. We have 3 very large trees that need trimmed, but we don't have a couple of thousand dollars to pay for that~. Good luck with yours! ♥♥♥

  2. Your family tree quilt looks great! When you were talking about it my mind kept trying to hang the pictures onto the branches, and they wouldn't fit but now I see what you're doing. Have fun at the bee today, I won't be there - feeling kinda wonky today.

  3. I love the way you placed the photos on the sides of the quilt. The collage idea is really cool. I can't wait to see the finished project. Any chance you will share the recipe for the Black Beans and rice dish here on your blog? I'll bet I'm not the only one whose mouth is watering.