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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Falling Behind–But Catching Up

I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Easter, now it is time to get back to work.  I feel like I am falling behind in getting anything completed, I am 3 blocks behind in my NYB, I still have not worked on  my BINGO card and I do have the picture quilt for a Mother’s Day gift for a friend.

Now the picture quilt I have been working on off an on trying to pick out the pictures that were given to me in my photo shop.  The tree I had traced it last month and tried to cut it with scissors, put that was not going to work.  I have been looking through everything I had for this cutting knife I know I have but could not find it.  I ended up leaving working early today to go to JoAnn to get another one, and yes I picked up 2 yards of Kona white fabric which was on sell.  See I was a good girl.

As usual I had to go to go to the grocery store, got home cooked dinner for today and tomorrow.  Been washing clothes since yesterday, my dryer is not drying my clothes, so I guess that is another think I will have to get fixed or buy another dryer.

So I did get started on cutting out the tree.  How do you like it?


As you can see that scissors would not do for this, too many small pieces to get into.  This is call the Dancing Tree, by Bryerpatch Studio. This is a 18” tree silhouette.  One thing they do not say  is how to cut this thing out. it was more easier using this cutting knife which cut through the paper and fabric.  I used and old warped cutting mat so I would not cut up the table. 


Tomorrow I will go through the pictures again to see what I will use and put that on the outside boarder.  I will take the tree into work tomorrow to see if she likes it before I start put the pictures to it.

At least I will not have to fix dinner tomorrow, they can just come in a eat.  I am still watching my grandson, but by 8:00 I through him in the bed.  I must likely will still be trying to dry the rest of my clothes, or I might have to run them down the street to my mama’s house.  Do not have time for the laundry mate.

So I will blog you soon.

The Slow Quilter.


  1. You did a wonderful job on cutting out the tree. You are right, scissors would not have worked. Can't wait to see it finished with the pictures.

  2. You did a great job cutting that tree out, I can see that it was super difficult and darn near impossible with scissors. The background fabric is lovely.

  3. I live the beautiful, curving lines in this tree. Great job pairing it with that rich background too!