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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Faithfull Circle Quilt Show

I have been very busy this week, my mom is not felling well, and since I live down the street from my father and mom (stepmother) and I am off this week I have been trying to help out.  I went down this morning to fix her and my father breakfast (since my father had to go to work).  When I got back to the house Linda called me to see if I wanted to ride out to the Faithful Circle Quilt Show in Columbia, MD.



This is just one of the quilts that they had on display.  This one is by Shelia Rises and quilted by her.  I wish I had her talent.  There were other traditional and non-traditional quilts but this one had my mouth open.

  SAM_0845 - Copy

This was just a little something under one of the quilts, it is my most favorite saying. (“The More I Know About Men, The More I like My CAT”).

You would proud of me, I did not buy any fabric at all.  I only brought a ruler, which I might not use for sometime.  I did not take a picture of it for this post, put I might have a picture and a demo tomorrow.


And look who was a vender at the show, but our own Nadine Mills (The Fabric Peddler), with Linda (check out her blog I sure she will have more pictures then I have of some of the quilts at the show.


Now I have been working on that picture quilt, I really need to take a Photo Shop classes.  You know how expensive photo fabric cost, and I do not have the time to treat fabric with that bubble jet fabric stuff.  The problem I was having was trying to print at lest two photos on one sheet and all it would do was print only one picture, I had figure out what I was doing wrong.  It seems that the photos had to be saved in the Photo Element Organizer (which I thought it was) in order for me to print multiple pictures (so instead of using 10 sheets of photo fabric I only had to use 5).

SAM_0865 - Copy


Here is the layout that I am thinking of 5 on one side and 5 on the other with her mother on top and a pome at the bottom. Hopefully I will have this together by tomorrow since everything if ready to sew.


You know yesterday, I took a little time for myself and went to the hairdresser.  I have not been in like a year, put I just got tired of doing my own hair and I needed my ends clipped.  Well I got a cut, what is it about a beautician when you tell them to clip the dead ends you end up with a full cut.  Those dead ends or is it split ends are really close to the scalp.  I like the cut, and she did say I would be able to keep it up, yah right.  I will most likely end up back to the hairdresser in two weeks.  I did have a pair of narrow flat irons, put I gave them to my girlfriend Diane when she had all her hair cut off.  I e-mailed her to ask for them back and she e-mailed me back with “that I better check out Wal-Mart”.  I guess I will be spending $24 for a new pair.  And what is it that they put in your hair that makes it feel so soft and manageable that it make you come back to them to do it again.  I did not take a picture you will have to see it, or when I feel that I am picture worthy, I will take a picture of myself.  Right now I just do not look photogenic.

Well it is 11:00 and time for bed, so until tomorrow.  Let us see how far I have gotten on this quilt.

Quilting Slowly

The Slow Quilter


  1. I can see why that quilt caught your eye. It is amazing!

    I can never get my hair to do what the stylist does. I know it has to do with the 10,000 products they use... But just once i'd like it to look the same as it does when I leave the salon.

  2. Great pictures. Nice to see a photo of Linda and Nadine. Happy Friday.

  3. Oh, my I enjoyed this post as we sound so much alike. I have done many photo quilts...have finally decided I am done with them. I do have the Bubble jet stuff though just in case I have to do another. I used to sell a ton of Memory quilt orders on Etsy.

    I tend to read a lot too. My mother in law spoiled me with a Kindle. Do you know how many free books there is to read for that thing? Sometimes I stay up too late at night reading. Just this weekend I went to the library and got all the rest of the No1 Ladies Detective agency books that I have not read. So I have a nice pile of late night reading here....