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Monday, April 23, 2012

The Best Laid Plans

As you know this is my week off and I plan to work on several projects. I still had to get my application in for the job that I am applying for, I had the resume looked at by a girlfriend of mine so I only had to log into the system and attach it and check to make sure I have answered all the questions. Well I must say that Murphy’s Law (“Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”) and the Devil was riding me hard this morning. For some odd reason my computer was not working, it kept kicking me out of the system, after 4 tries, I decided that this was not going to work for me, so I jumped into my clothes and went to the job. Yah, I only have to catch on bus and only takes no more the 45 minutes to get there, I need a cup of coffee anyway. Also I was on tele-work for 4 hours today, so this worked out fine.

Well, I got the application in on time, and worked on travel and got my 4 hours of work in. I left work after 2:00 and since I was out, I thought I would get my father’s car and run to the store to pick up some things so that I would not have to run out tomorrow (yah cannot wait to see what tomorrow will bring). Since this is a very early post for me, I will have time to work on the pictures and get them printed out. I still have not decided if I will be using TAP (Transfer Artist Paper) or one of the regular photo sheets.

Now, I promised you a look at a new ripping tool. This may not be all that new to most of you, but it was new to me. As I was watching a video by Peggy Martin on Quick-Strip Paper Piecing, she show this ripping tool that I use all the time. Can you believe it, it was in my make-up kit? You can pick up this little ripping tool from any dollar store or beauty supply store. Have you guessed what it is yet?

Yes, you guest it, a eyebrow shaper.  You can pick this up for less then a dollar.  I tried it and it cuts right through the seams.  I can not show you how it works, but I am sure you can figure that out.  I do not have anyone to take the picture of me ripping through a seam.  Put I assure you that it works like a dream.  So go out and pick you up one and try it.

Well it is almost 6:00 and I have already gotten a call from my oldest grandson, who is picking up the youngest.  I must get down stairs and warm up last night food so I can get back to those pictures.
So have fun ripping away at your seams and I will blog with you tomorrow.

Also I would like to thank all of you who comment on my blog “A Blogger’s Life”.  I really enjoy writing that and may have some other things to add to it in the future.  I do so love to blog and read other bloggers.

The Slow Quilter


  1. Wow, what a clever idea to use an eyebrow shaper to rip seams. When you were telling me about it last night I couldn't picture it (because I never bother with shaping my eyebrows!) but now I think I've seen them in the makeup section. Next time I'm at People's Drugs (CVS to most of you!) I'll do a hands-on to see if I can figure out how it works.

  2. I'm not sure I have seen a eyebrow shaper before. I tried using the razor that I used to shave my legs to shape my eyebrows. My hand slipped and I had one and a half eyebrows for a month. Looked weird. No one said anything but I notice their eyes would shift from my eyes to my half eyebrow when they would talk to me. haha. Never did that again!
    The blogs I read are usually about sewing, quilting and cooking. Love to cook and EAT. Always looking for meal ideas, foods that little ones like and can help prepare. Kids easy sewing and crafting ideas, too. 10 grand kids. I do a lot of blog surfing. I don't blog everyday because it would stress me to have something new sewed, crafted or cooked to show.