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Friday, April 13, 2012


Well I finished my BINGO card tonight.  I took all the scrap fabric that I got from my quilting friends and took them to work with me today.  During my lunch hour, I sat in my cube and started cutting out my colored blocks.   When I got home I still had a couple of purple blocks to find and cut.  This is for the May 4 Me BINGO  Game see the button  on the side of my block for the link.



     B                    I               N                       G                    O

ELEPHANT      DOG      AIRPLAIN      ALIEN            SWAIN


MOKEYS        STAR      FREE              TREES             FLOWERS

BUBBLES      MUSIC     LIZARD         FROG              BUTTERFLIES

CLOWD          TIGER      LADYBUG    JESTER           CHECKERS

I embroider the words BINGO in the color of the rows.  I made one mistake, in row N and G 4th row down I have two frogs one red and one green.  Since I did not notice until after I put it together I just left it and I call the red frog a Lizard.  I bind the quilt with 3” wide double folded brown binding tape (hand some laying around so I did not have to cut fabric for a binding).  I enjoy hand sewing binding when doing a quilt.   It is only around 12:00 at night and I finished this around 11:00 (I did have to eat something, TV dinner).  I did not have my grandson today so I did not have to fix dinner.  I can not wait until the link up this Sunday. 

Now on to the next project.  I still have to work on those pictures for the Dancing Tree so I can put them together and get this quilt finished before Mother’s Day.  I know I have time, but with Murphy’s Law, you never know what is going to come up.

Have A BINGO Good Time

The Slow Quilter


  1. Great BINGO Card! Love the little Green Alien :D

  2. This is so cute and colorful. The sea horses are my favorite.

  3. Love your card. I knew you add some embroidery. Since you are one of the queens of embroidery in the quild. My favorite is the dog in her raincoat.

  4. Oh so many cute fussy cuts - thank you for linking up and hope you enjoy playing with us.

  5. Saw your blog posted on the New Quilt Blog Linky Party and just followed you. I've been seeing these bingo cards and haven't really looked into them. Seems interesting! Hope you check out my blog and decide to follow! Nice too meet you and I look forward to checking out your blog and whatever you're working on!
    P.S. I love to read too! I always have a book or 2 I'm reading!

  6. Just started following you. Nice blog. I love to write about everything right now also. Haven't worked on quilts for quite a few years now, just starting back into it after reading all the quilt blogs over the last couple of months! Am working on handquilting a Christmas Table runner. Hopefully will be done soon!

  7. I just got your card/words all logged down for the game...not long now!

  8. You've got a new follower thanks to the linky party :) I'm a new blogger too!

  9. Very fun card! Love the alien!