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Monday, December 10, 2012

Still At It!!!

Yes, I am still at it, making more coin purses, I have finish a total of 15 purses, and since I only have three closures, I will be finish tonight until I purchase more.  Here is my latest coin purse, the lady herself Ms. Betty Boop.




I just need to put in the lining and she will be finished.  All the Christmas decorations are still in the box, so I guess I better it cracking and get some up before Christmas passes me by.

Back to work tomorrow, so I might not start any new projects at this time.  Hope the boys will be home to help me get these decorations up.  They want a live tree this year and Tom likes to wait until just the last minute to get one.  If it is up to me, the little table top tree I have in the box will be fine with me.  They cats will probably knock it over anyway.

Until I blog again

The Slow Quilter.



  1. I need to buy that pattern...

  2. Because you kept making and posting pictures of your cute little coin purses ... I broke down and bought the pattern. I will be making coin purses next year.
    Oh my. I remember Betty Boop. That was a long time ago. haha. Where did you find Betty Boop fabric?

  3. Love that Betty Boop! Not sure if Joann's is still having their half off on the frames or not,but recently I purchased a bunch at $2.49 each!