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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Another Long Day

Well, I am winding down for the night, it has been a long day.  I did not get to bed until after 2:00 a.m. and was up by 7:00.  It seem that everyone in the house had somewhere to go.  Had to drop of my son for an early choir rehearsal, my daughter came to my house from work to drop off something, so I had to take her home with a stop by the store, then Tom and I went looking for more purse frames, and then went grocery shopping for ourselves and my mother.  When I got back to the house I just went back to bed and told him to put up the food.

I did get back up in time to finish putting the frames on 5 of the coin purses.  Sorry again, I know you cannot see the purses in the back that well, put hell,  it is almost midnight and I cannot be a very creative picture taker at this time of night.  Louie seems to be on top of the Christmas decorations stretching out on Tom’s coat.


And here is the handmade gift that I got yesterday (Friday) from one of the ladies in my Ministry.

And below as I promised is the gift that I made for Charlene and Pat (this one is Charlene’s).  I had her take a picture of it and send it to me, she has picture creativity going for her.  She even sit a iron on it.  Pat is not as picture savvy as Charlene, so I will have to get a picture of it when I see her next weekend.

iron cover 1iron cover 2

I am sure you can see what it is, it is a iron caddy.  I still have to make two more of these.

Well I know I will not get to sleep before 1 a.m. and it will be a long day at church and my day of rest.  Sew until Monday you all have a blessed day.

The Slow Quilter

Gee, I am hungry, think I fix me a sandwich before I hit the bed.  Please do not do this (eat before bed) it could keep you up all night and make you fat all day.Rolling on the floor laughing


  1. Wow. You are a very busy lady. I never tire of seeing your little coin purses. I noticed in someone's blog where they placed their coin purses in front of a mirror for a photograph. That way the purses' reflection in the mirror showed the fabric that was used to make the backs of the purses.

  2. Went to bed at 12:30; up at 2:30am. Didn't get back to sleep until 5am. Feeling your pain.