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Saturday, December 15, 2012

So Many Things to Say.

This is a new day, and we all have all pored out our prays for the lost of so many, but as always life goes on, but we will not forget.

Today, I had to let it go, but I will still think about the tragedy that happen Friday morning.  There is nothing I can do put send up my prays to the families that have lost their love ones.

Today was my Guilds annual Christmas party celebration, and before we started we sent I blessing and prays for those who have lost love ones during this year.

It was a great celebration, but as I was MC for the most part, I did not take the time to take pictures.  I am hoping that maybe Linda from Eat, Sleep & Quilt might have taken pictures and will post them on her blog tomorrow.  But if not it was a fun filled day with old and founding members coming to share Christmas cheer with us.

Also, later I was invited by my co-worker to stop by to celebrate the return of her daughter from London who had been doing some summer studying over there.

Here is my friend and co-worker and her husband Darnell and daughter MyChelle (I think I spelled it right). She is a most lovely young lady with the future ahead of her and I know that her parents are very proud of her.


It was a nice gathering of friends and family, and OMG, Darnell the fish was great, I love it along with the two drinks I had, that I am still fuzzy in the head while trying to do this blog, so if there is misspelled words, of sentence that do not make any since, blame it on a half drunk Slow Quilter.

I also want to tell you what I received in the mail today along with another win.  Put since my head is fuzzy from the drink (and I do not drink often), I will wait until tomorrow.

So keep your family close and always say you love them.

The Slow Quilter or should that be The Fuzzy QuilterOpen-mouthed smile


  1. Hi Fuzzy Quilter, you were a great MC during the meeting. Show n tell was awesome, the food was awesome, the people were awesome - it was just a good day all around! I have a few pictures posted on my blog.

  2. I can't stop thinking about those poor children and their families. I lit a candle for the victims last night. It's tough to continue celebrating the holidays but we just have to move on. We just won't forget them.

  3. our time on this earth is so precious and short. I saw Linda's photos. Just saying that I want to be an honorary member of the guild. As always, it looks like y'all have tons of fun!