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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Decorations Take 2

O.K. I am at it again.  Running in from work and trying to get things together here at the home front.  The office Christmas party is tomorrow, so I hit the kitchen to put together my two side dishes.  One is the black eye peas salad and the other was a black beans and rice dish.  That did not take long at all.  No plans to fix dinner since no one is home and if they want to eat, they will have to fix a sandwich.

Next I hit the basement again looking for that old faithful Christmas Tree.  I know, Darnell wanted a real tree this year.  I said if he wants one, then he needs to buy it.  There are no children here this year so, I am not all into the tree thing.  I remember when, I went all out for Christmas and decorating the house, real tree the whole spirit of the season.  Now, I just do not want to go through the fuss (which I will have to take down myself, no help from the guys).

Well, anyway, I pulled out the faithful fake tree to see what shape it was in.

SAM_2090 Yah, it is a small tree, only about 4” tall.  I have to either run out to look for some tree ornaments, or see what I may have left down in the basement.  I just set the little Santa on top so it would not look like a Charley Brown tree.  I will be sitting the tree on a higher table with tree skirt and lights by tomorrow, since old Tom still has not gone through the lights I have in the box (I might have to breakdown and do it myself).

I already have to keep Ms. Jay and Louie out of the tree, they like the little hanging ornaments.  See Louie up the tree (I must let these cats out of the house sometime, they just do not know how to act when green comes into the house fake or real).


Oh, I forgot, here is a picture of the wreath on the door.SAM_2087

I have also notice, that there is not a lot of people on my block with outside decorations out, maybe they are having the same problem I am, looking for those dag-gone decorations from last year.  I like driving through the neighborhood looking at the decorations that other people have put up.  Some are pretty amazing. Do you think if I knock on their door they would come and finish mines?  With my luck they will call the police and say that a crazy person is at their door.

Tomorrow I will hit the lights and try to do the windows.  Then back to the sewing room for me to make more gifts.  The clock is ticking people are you finish yet?

May your days be merry and bright, and may all your quilting be finished on time.

Merry Christmas

The Slow Quilter (Felicia)


  1. Oh lawsy, you sound like me. I just dragged stuff out, threw it up, and done. I don't even know why I bothered. I guess it's just the fact that I had the stuff, moved it across country twice, that I should get some use out of it. I did pay to have it all moved.


  2. We don't do a lot of decorating any more either. I don't if we're just tired or lazy! blessings, marlene