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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Goodies In The Mail–Tom Strikes Again

What a day, and tomorrow is Friday, YAH!!! No more work until after Christmas.  My Division had a little office meeting/party and we connected to our inner child.  Kim brought in all these little toy gifts like Slinkys, kazoos, bubbles, bat and balls and yoyos.  And my supervisor Linda brought in the stuff animals that were slingshots that made animal noises when they are sling across the room.  They really got into it.  I had a quacking duck, and there was also a screeching cat, frogs, chickens, pigs and monkeys.


Here is Gorge playing with is slinky and Katelyn with the slingshot cat.


Here is Katelyn and Kirk blowing bubbles.  What a fun group this is.  They were really letting off some steam.

Open-mouthed smile


After getting home from work, I notice that Tom has been at it again.  He has added something else to the front door.


OMG!!! He added bows.  Yes, bows.  For all I know he could have put them on the door when I went to bed last night and I just didn't notice it this morning when I was running out the door for work.  And to make matters worst, as I was talking to my girl Linda (Eat, Sleep, Quilt), I noticed that he also added bows to the inside of the door.


Now I know that, I wrote in a early post that I would not show you the inside door, put I just had to show you the picture of this.  I’ll know better next year not to let him near the decorations.

I also said I had a 4 inch tree, Linda corrected me on that it is a 4 foot tree and I had it all decorated and ready for its picture debut, but guess what, that was laying in the floor.  I know one of the cats (Louie) knocked it over, because he kept trying to climb it.  So back to working on the little 4 foot tree.  He also broke my star, so I will not have anything to put on top of it.Sad smileCrying face

Now here is what I got in the mail today, OH HAPPY DAY!!!


Four more coin purse frames from Robin (Livin’ Blue Quilter) .  Thank you again for looking out for me.





My Square in a Square ruler from Kelly (I Have A Notion).  That was fast delivery.  You should checkout the IHAN shop, she has great deals and wonderful service and she will work with you to get want you want.  Thank you Kelly.


And last, my win fabric from Barbara over at  Cat Patches.  I received these 5 Gypsy Caravan fat quarters with a lovely post card from Oregon.  That card looks like a quilt in the making with the moon and mountain reflecting off the lake.  Thank you again for the win Barbara.

Well, I have string beans and collard greens cooking on the stove.  When they cool down I will vacuum pack them and  put in the freezer for the Christmas dinner.  I don’t think I will be getting any quilting done until after the holiday.  I have a lot of prep work for breakfast/dinner.  I am really think of a Christmas Eve dinner and a Christmas breakfast.  Gives me time to visit friends and eat somewhere else instead of my house for a change.

So if you do not here from me after tonight, just know that I am working hard, drinking hard, and playing it safe, I am also reading your blogs.

Until I Blog Again

The Slow Quilter (Felicia)


  1. :-)
    Enjoy the season. Hugs!

  2. I love that you shared the co-workers playing with the kid toys. That is really a wonderful stress reliever, to just let go and play. But then as fiber artists, we know that -don't we?

    I hope your Christmas is filled with the divine.

  3. I am a new follower of your blog and I really enjoy reading about your quilting and your life. Keep writing! Thanks for the resource hook up on the coin purse frames. I read your blog about making the coin purses and you made it seem easy enough for me to tackle. I would like to make some for my daughter and her friends.