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Friday, December 14, 2012

OMG!!! What Is This World Coming To.

As I came home from work, ready to tackle the lights for the tree and blog about the office Christmas party and how up-lifting I felt today, Tom was telling me about the school shooting in Connecticut that happen this morning.

I turned on the T.V. to listen to the report, and all I could do is shake my head and send up a pray for the lost of life of 20 killed children and their families.  All I could think about was the senseless killing that has been happening all over, even the shooting at the mall and the one in July at the movie theater.  It makes you want to never step outside your door.

I'm sorry if I am bringing you down with this, but I just had to get this feeling of sadness off my chest as tears of sorrow roll down my cheeks.  When will this senseless killing of our fellow man stop.  Oh, how I have so much I want to write, but life will go on.  There will be celebrations of Christmas cheer, the sharing of families love.  We will feel blessed that we have made it through another year, but what of those who have not. 

I will pray tonight for the families who have lost a love one through senseless tragedy, of mindless people who think they need to take others with them on their madness.

Hold your love ones close, and always let them know how much you love them. 

The Slow Quilter (Felicia)


  1. I am glad you were able to put it into words, those poor poor families.

  2. When I saw the news i couldn't believe what I was hearing. Those poor kids will remember this a long time, my prayers are with the families.

  3. Been praying for them and thinking of them all day. May they find strength, wisdom, faith, and most of all - peace during this difficult time.

  4. So heartbreaking - just can't believe it. I hugged everyone as they arrived home today - you just never know. We take it for granted that we'll all "be back" - but really it's a blessing that we all made it home to be together again at the end of the day. So busy with all the running around and preparations and work - it's just not that important. Just sitting here tonight holding my family - without them it all means nothing.

  5. You said this exactly as I feel. How someone could be so cold and cruel is beyond my capability of understanding. Those poor families!

  6. Even here in the Netherlands many people are shocked about what happend in Connecticut. And our hearts goes out to all those families.