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Friday, February 24, 2012

What Did I do Before Quilting?

The other day at work, I was wondering what I did before I became a quilter. I have been quilting now I guess about 10 or 12 years (my birthday was yesterday and I cannot remember dates well). My hobby before quilting was reading and reading a lot, still do, no change there. I hung out with my girlfriends (had 4) shopping for clothes and household things, cleaning the house, cooking dinner and just hanging out. Now I have many more friends and we shop for fabric and eat out a lot. My wardrobe is lacking, my household needs to be updated, I don’t cook half the time, and dame; this house could use a good dusting.

clip_image002clip_image003clip_image005 clip_image007 clip_image009

clip_image011 I did not travel that much out of town, now I am going to quilt shows and fabric shopping trips at least 4 or 5 times a year. Even when I go out of town for my job, I am always looking for a quilt shop to visit. I purchase more quilt books and magazines then I do romance novels (yah, right, my book bill is over a thousand dollars).This is not me, but I fell like her.


But one thing I have gained since I started quilting is more friends. Quilters are the best people to know, no matter of race, color or creed. When you go to quilt shows or quilt shops, you can always find someone to talk about quilts with a smile. I really love my quilting sisters, we a different in every way. There are hand quilters, machine quilters, art quilters, traditional quilters and the out of the box quilters. We might not see eye-to-eye on all things, but we always seem to work things out. It’s kind of hard at times, for a group of women to agree on things, but there is always a solution to all disagreements. I am glad to be in the company of such talented women and know that I have a little talent of my own.

Well Just Thinking

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  1. I like your thinking, it's a great tribute to how quilting can sometimes poke into the front of other things. Before I started quilting I had a lot more room to move around in my bedroom!

    What in the world is a "nefac supdal"??

  2. People don't understand when I say that Quilting is a very social hobby. Their first response is, "Do they still have quilting bees?"

    Ummm... well, yes -- kinda, sort of in a way. We get together and sew, take classes, blog about our efforts (or lack thereof).

    I love all my quilty friends...

  3. Happy Belated Birthday!!! Hope you went out and hung out with the girls.