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Friday, February 17, 2012

Foundation Piecing

We all know how to do foundation piecing if you are a quilter, also known as paper piecing, they can make your point sharper and your blocks precise.
SAM_0704This is a star block that was part of the block exchange which was paper pieced by Gwen Jackson.  The focal fabric is in the center, see how nice the points are.

SAM_0705 This star is paper pieced, it is a really good job, even the center seam is flatten out.  The only problem is that the paper is a little thicker then I would use, I like more over a light weight paper like vellum or blank newsprint.

SAM_0706Also, it is harder to take a heavier paper off.  This is not the only reason, when doing paper piecing you need to use short stitches.  With shorter/tighter stitches, the paper is perforated and make it easy to remove the paper.

SAM_0707With the longer stitches you can rip the stitches open as you can see here.  Since this was pieced in segments, I will be able to sew that part back, put will have to be careful near the star outlines so I will not rip the seams.  I can not put those back together.

So I guess I better get to pluck out the paper on this one, because I have another one to also pull of the paper.SAM_0680  I have not check this one yet, but I hope it is easier or I learn something after pulling the paper for the star.
I also am still putting pictures together for a picture quilt for a friends mother for Mother’s Day.  Lucky I have a long weekend.  I might not get anything done on Saturday since I have a quilt guild meeting and usually I do not get home to after 7 or 8 if we go get something to eat.  We might even get home early.  Then I have church Sunday, the day of rest, yah right, I might get some rest.  So I have Monday and Tuesday to finish both of these projects before I have to go back to work.
So Happy Weekend Quilting to All
The Slow Quilter

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  1. Your star is wonderful but I sure hate paper piecing....