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Monday, February 27, 2012

Meet the Wee Bee Quilters

As you know I am a member of UHURU Quilters Guild and also I am in a quilt bee called Wee Bee Quilters.  I am also one of the newsletter editors for our group and I would like to introduce you to the members.  I will feature some of the members once every month until I get them all in.  I call this Quilters Impossible (think of this in the tune of Mission Impossible).


Carolyn Burgess - Code Name Lady Scrapbag - Duties: WBs Vice President, retreat and exhibit planner thinks out-of-the box, and cake baker.  She is starting up a web page soon and I will let you know.



Patricia King - Code Name: Socialite or Flower Child - Duties: Taking notes and pictures, making Psychedelic quilts. Caution: Needs to be watch, sometimes forget things. Watchers: Charlene Marshall and Felicia Few, they also need to be watched, they have memory problems also.



Charlene Marshall - Code Name: The Teacher - Duties: Teaching everyone new quilting techniques, sending e-mails on quilting events and information. She is also known as the “Driver” – (taken Pat and Felicia to meetings, shopping and bus trips).



Felicia Few - Code Name: The Comedian - Duties: Newsletter reporter, story teller, blogger, obsessive vampire reader and thinking of things like this to do. She also has meeting with Pat and Charlene in the car.



The Wee Bee’s meet was last Saturday and I forgot my camera and did not get a picture of my cake that Carolyn made for my Birthday.  Luckily, Linda from Eat, Sleep, Quilt (www.eatsleepquilt.blogspot.com) was there snapping away with great pictures so go visit her blog to check out the meeting pictures.

I just finished another book off my Kindle “Lothaire” by Kresley Cole, another vampire book (if you have not read one, try them, they are not all blood it is romance).  We of my other reading buddies, gave me her Nook so I can catch up one of my other authors. 

I like to give a shot out to by reading buddy, Robin from Livin’ Blue Quilter (http://livinbluequilter.blogspot.com/) who just got back from the Hampton Virginia Quilt show (spending money of fabric no doubt).  She helped me out by suggesting that I wet the paper form that star that I was plucking the paper from.  It worked beautifully.  The paper came right off.  Thank you Robin.

I am working on several quilting projects at a time so, you might not see a blog from me every day.  Since one of my quilting projects I cannot talk about that I am working on for the Wee Bee Quilters Family Day at the center.

I am also thinking about following the NYB paper piecing quilt along with Sew Sweetness, starting March 5- May 7 check out the web page www.sewsweetness.com see button below.


Well has you can see I will have a lot on my plate, and I will try my best to get everything done before the end of the year.

So Happy Quilting

The Slow Quilter (If I get all this done I might have to change my name to the fast quilter).

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  1. oh my we have our own Quilters Impossible squad, undercover at the Wee Bees! I love New York Beauty but I dare not start another project right now; in fact I still have a UFO from when I was active on quilting@about.com, before the blogs got really started. Good luck on the quilt along!