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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Back in the Sewing Room

O.K. I took a little break from my blog, I am back.  I finished the book and only have one to go, but I will not stop it from getting back the the sewing room. 

One of my UFOs is a block exchange from the Sweet Treat Retreat with Scrapbag.  As I told you about the scant quarter inch seam, these are triangle blocks using that scant quarter inch.  We were all give 1/2 yard of focal fabric to make seventeen 12-1/2” blocks.


This is the focal fabric.  We could used any other fabric we wanted to.  As you can see,(or maybe you can't) we all know each other, so you can image that we also shop at the same quilt shop and we seem to almost choose the same fabric to bring out our blocks.



These are the blocks I laid out 3 across 5 down (I might change that to 4 across).  I have two block that are the same that I did not but in this group (I think someone owns me a block and still have not give it to me).  I will will use the other two in something else, maybe a pillow case.  As you can see, my cat Louie thinks he can help by laying on my blocks.


Two of the blocks were paper pieced and this is one of them.  The other was a star.  One thing I have to say about paper piece is that please people use a light weight paper not copy paper.  It is hard to pull off.



SAM_0679After the layout, I get to sewing. I decided not to but sashing between the blocks (a first for me), I think it looks good.  As I put my rows together and put it up on the design wall I see that my point on this on is way off.  So I will have to pull this one apart.



This is the star with the paper pieced copy paper.  I will have to take this one off and take the paper off of it.  Since it is late I will do that tomorrow.  Hopefully I will get it finished, find a backing for it.  I don’t think is will need a overall quilting, may be stitch in the ditch.  What do you think?


Taking it apart

The Slow Quilter


  1. I love the colors and many times you don't need sashing. I think it takes away from the flow of the quilt blocks. I hope you have recovered from the wonderful weekend.

  2. I see you have a little helper in Louie! I think stitch in the ditch could work. Another option is to outline the pieces in each block to highlight the shapes. Either way, I'm sure it will be a lovely finish.

  3. I really like the colors - this looks great.