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Monday, October 1, 2012

Reacquainting Myself With My Stash

I have had a nice quite weekend.  Saturday, I just laid around and watch T.V., had a visit from my brother, and had little quilts dancing in my head.

Today I did not go to church, but made it a more productive day.  I decided to clean off the cutting table (again) and reacquaint myself with the fabric in all the hiding places.  Look what I found.


This little beauty I found is already become something special.  As soon as I saw it, I started cutting it into a very special item that I cannot show you right now, but you will see it soon.



Above is two other fabrics that I found, because of the lighting you can not see it very well, but it has peacocks on it and the other is a teal green.  As soon as I saw it I new what it had to become.  I make these little pocket bags and give them to members of my church during Christmas exchanges.  One lady saw it and asked me to make her two bags (O.K. that was last Christmas).  I have been looking through my fabric to find what hits me for a bag, and so happens this one just slapped me in the face.  So I started cutting this up for the bag.

SAM_1665 It is already cut, and ready for me to sew tomorrow, along with finishing off two other bags I cut.  Oh the things you find when you reacquaint yourself with your stash.


I am off from work tomorrow, so I will have time to sit and sew now that I have project cut and ready for me to sew up.  I can wait to see what I get finish.  So you will have to come back  tomorrow to see what I have done.

One more thing,  Linda from Eat, Sleep and Quilt  brought to my attention that my blog clock was like 3 or 4 hours off from the original time that I post.  I have fixed that so it should show right time.  Like I said, I should call myself the Late Quilter since I blog so late and quilt so slow.

The Slow Quilter


  1. Super fabrics to get re-acquainted with! And yes, I saw the peacock right away - very pretty fabric for a bag.

  2. I love your fabrics. I see the peacocks too. That first fabric is beautiful, can't wait to see what you come up with.

  3. Love the fabric, can't wait to see what it turns into????

  4. I think I have some of the first two pieces ... somewhere in my stash...