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Monday, October 1, 2012

Discoveries On The Cutting Table

Before I get into what I discovered on my cutting table I am trying to clean off, here is what I did with the fabric I found yesterday.


Well above is the first fabric find not ready to tell you what it is, but I guess some of you already know.  I completed the two bags above with my other fabric finds.  As you can see below my misjudgment of folding and putting on the strip has cut off my peacocks head, oh well it is still a nice bag.  The other is my coffee fabric bag.  Love the little coffee cups and the coffee beans.



This is not a great picture, but it is a strata drunker path blocks that I found in a bag.  I worked on a couple of blocks and a few more to go and I could finish this by the end of the week.  I am on a roll.


I did run out to Jo Ann’s Fabric with Charlene to pick up a few things, and nether one of us brought any fabric.  Yah!!!!  Since I need to go to working tomorrow (I did a little work from home this morning), I had to still clean off that cutting table.

SAM_1658 OMG!!! This is a job for “Super Quilter” or my be I can call in the Mary Maids and see what they can do with all this stuff.  O.K. I went in to this pail of stuff and look what I found.  I do know this fabric I brought it, but have not seen it in awhile.


Here is some nice fabric I know I brought about 3 years ago.  It is Save Our Planet, I see another bag coming.  I cannot use this in a quilt because it is like canvas/jean material.  Nice and heavy.



Oh yah!  Molar fabric (I guess I am spelling that right).  Look there is a turtle, cat, chicken and a lizard.  I see a stepping stone quilt in its future.  You all need to keep on me on this one.  I will need to pull some of the colors out to make it a nice size quilt, since these are about fat quarter size.  I said I needed color in my life, how colorful can I get with this.

Now this is Robert Huffman fabric and I know I have something to match with this.  The blue square is really a deep purple and the dots are gold.  I am thinking New Orleans Mardi Gras, I have some masks I want to make and feathers.



These are pre cut hearts, which I have been looking for since I am behind in making my 6-1/2” heart blocks for the Guild and my Bee.  I got these from Keepsake Quilts.  We give them out to members who have had death in there families.

Last but not least, I found myself under the cutting mat.  What do I mean by that, look it is me. Ha, Ha, I am at a sewing machine.  This was done at one of the Bowling Banquets I go to every year.



The cutting table is clean, but for how long?  It was a nice adventure in rediscovering the fabric under the mess.  Have you been rediscovering what is in your Stash?  After visiting blogs and doing blog hops, I see my fabric in a hold different way.  New blocks to do, using different background fabrics.  This was a enjoyable walk through my stash to see new things to do with it.

Thank you for following this blog on cleaning off my cutting table.  We will see how long it will take for me to pile it up again, but also see what I do with the fabric I found on it.

Happy Quilting

The Slow Quilter


  1. Hi. I just looove those bags you made. I have been wanting to make some for quite a while, but so many other things have gotten in the way.
    I have a solution for keeping your cutting mat clean. Hang it up on the wall. This is what I had to do. I hang mine on my door so now I don't have to throw junk off of it when I need to cut.
    Going through your sewing room is like going on a treasure hunt.You found so many beautiful things.I enjoyed taking this trip with you. Hope you find lots of Other new things. Ummm-- Maybe it's time I went through mine.DO you think I could have the same luck?

    1. Yes,you might have the same luck I have. We buy so much fabrics and don't get back to it for awhile, and it is not like we forgot we brought it, it just has not been pulled out of its secret place.

  2. What a great post - all kinds of projects and colours and fun fabrics - I'm in love with that coffee bag! I was going through some stash yesterday and found a small bag of fabric and notions that had been given to me a while ago - I forgot all about them, oops! In the bag were two really pretty heart charms - I need to pick out some fabrics and make some zipper bags so I can use them!

    1. Thank you for visiting. We never know what we will find under all our stuff. We just forget sometimes.

  3. I like that molar fabric... I need to revisit my stash. Of course, I probably will since I was bad last month and I have a huge stack of fabrics coming in (Kaffe Fasset sale from a large retailer). I ordered 20 pieces of fabric! Yikes! So much for my stash diet! LOL!

    1. Oh what is a stash diet if you cannot indulge sometime. Thank you for visiting.

  4. Oh my gosh! All that was on your table?

    You make me want to clean mine off now...

  5. We all have to clean up that cutting table every once in a while, and the things we find! I love your strata Drunkard's Path blocks ~ very cool :) It was nice to meet you, and enjoy lunch together in Lancaster today. I love meeting new blog friends in person, and you have a great blog :)